Ceylon Tea Masterclass



This class will start with a history of tea in Ceylon/Sri Lanka starting 150 years ago and we will work our way around the 7 different regions and discuss what type of tea each region produces, the manufacture, and how the island’s climate can affect the flavour profile of those teas. We will taste teas from all the different areas, including newer types such as green and white.

The running order will be as follows:

  • The History of Tea in Sri Lanka
  • The Lion Logo
  • Seven Different Regions Low-grown Teas from Ruhuna and Sabaragamuwa
  • Mid-grown Black Teas teas from Kandy
  • High-grown Black Teas from Uva
  • High-grown Black Teas from Dimbula
  • High-grown Black Teas from Uda Pussellawa
  • High-Grown Black Teas from Nuwara Eliya
  • The Ceylon Tea Auctions & Buying Ceylon Teas
  • Other Speciality Teas from Sri Lanka (green, white, etc)
  • Ceylon Blends and their names
  • Ceylon Teas and UK’s The Great Taste Awards
  • Sri Lanka’s Tea Museums