Ceylon Tea Masterclass



This day will start with a history of tea in Ceylon/Sri Lanka starting 150 years ago. There will be a description of the 7 Tea areas on the Island, showing what each region can produce and how the climate can affect the quality throughout the year. There will be details on manufacture and what makes Ceylon Tea so special. This will include Orthodox Black tea which is predominant, and also Green Tea and other new varieties. We will go through the different and large range of teas from High Grown in Nuwara Eliya to the Low Grown regions down towards the coast. This will include tasting a number of teas, showing the incredibly wide variety there is on this small island. Finally we will learn which varieties are particularly popular and where throughout the world.

Mike Bunston was Honorary Chairman of the International Tea Committee for 20 years (1993-2013). In 2002, he retired from his position as Chairman of Wilson Smithett, one of the leading tea broking firms in the UK, which he joined in 1959. He has travelled extensively in Africa, India & Sri Lanka and, while working as a broker, he played a vital role in the London Tea Auctions, which finally closed in 1998 after 164 years. He also served on a number of Tea Trade Committees, including The European Tea Committee, and chaired the Tea Brokers Association and The United Kingdom Tea Association. In 2014, he was awarded an OBE by the Queen for services to the International Tea Industry. He sits on the committee of The Friends of Sri Lanka in London.