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Want to know your Alishan from your Dong Ding? What is the special secret that makes Oriental Beauty so unique? How do you perfectly brew a Gaba oolong? This truly interactive online masterclass will answer all these questions and much, much more about the fascinating world of Taiwanese tea – as you brew along with 24 fine teas sent directly to your door. The course is written by Dr. Chau-Jean Lin, who founded Marulin Tea so that she could share beautiful teas from her family’s farms in Taiwan.

This course contributes one credit toward the Level Three Tea Diploma qualification but is open to all, regardless of previous experience or study with the UK Tea Academy. For more details about the Tea Diploma qualification, please see this page or email info@ukteaacademy.com


Taiwanese Tea

Online, interactive self-study
Includes 24 carefully selected teas
Open for enrolment at any time

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Includes delivery of teas, a one-hour Q&A session with course author Dr Chau-Jean Lin, and a digital certificate upon completion.

This online course is open for enrolment at any time and contributes one credit toward your Level 3 Tea Diploma.


This course is self-study, to be completed in the student’s own time. The price includes the delivery of 24 carefully selected fine teas that will be sent to you after enrolment. During the course, you will be guided by Dr Lin on how to brew and taste these teas.

The 4 interactive self-study modules include step-by-step GongFu brewing videos. Also included are spoken presentation lessons, revision quizzes, worksheets, a community discussion board to pose questions to the tutor or discuss studies with other students, and a one-hour live Q&A via zoom with the course author Dr Chau-Jean Lin.

Lessons include audio description, making this self-study course a fully interactive and engaging experience that you can take at your own pace, as Dr Lin talks you through the many elements of Taiwan Tea and helps you brew your own.

Each module has both practical and theory handouts, to download and keep. Optional worksheets at the end of the course will further embed learning and can be brought to the one-hour Q&A with Dr Lin to discuss the answers and any areas that are of particular interest.

The course contains around 8 hours of theory study, plus a recommended four 2-hour sessions of brewing practise. As the whole course remains open after enrolment for 150 days, there is no rush to complete it: the brewing and the theory can be re-visited many times.


This course is ideal for anyone interested in discovering, or furthering their knowledge of, Taiwanese Tea.

Completion of this masterclass will count as one credit towards our Level 3 Tea Diploma qualification.

Our online masterclasses are open to anyone. If you are working towards a final Level Three qualification but you have not yet achieved your Level Two Tea Sommelier qualification, you will still receive a credit towards the Tea Diploma qualification.


The course traces the history of tea on the island of Taiwan, introduces the regions where it is grown, and allows you to discover the main types and cultivars of tea that are commonly found across Taiwan. You will also be learning about the current trends in the Taiwan tea world.

In addition to the theory, you will take a tea tour of Taiwan in the comfort of your own home, as you brew and taste 24 fine Taiwanese teas over 4 modules. You will taste a variety of teas, from the traditional to the new and innovative, and along the way you will learn how the tea-making processes and growing conditions of the tea plant affect the flavour and aroma of the final product.

Dr Lin also includes a Gong Fu brewing video in this course.

The course contains 4 modules:

  • Module 1: History of Taiwanese Teas (+ step-by-step Gong-Fu brewing guide)
  • Module 2: Growing Regions
  • Module 3: Main Types and Brewing Techniques
  • Module 4: Cultivars and Trends


1. Your computer to access the self-study modules.

2. Kettle, filtered water, and some necessary teaware items
For brewing the 24 teas, you will need some teaware items. A list of recommended equipment will be sent upon booking, to help you prepare for the course.


Chau-Jean Lin started Marulin Tea in London to share teas from her family farm in Taiwan – specialists in Taiwanese Oolong tea. Marulin’s most recent development has been blending oolong teas in tea bags and creating new tea powders that go beyond matcha.


If you wish to continue studying for your Tea Diploma, you will need to take further courses at this level and you must have already completed both Level One and Level Two before the final qualification can be awarded.


NB. Once you have enrolled, you will have access to the online course for 150 days.

For any enquiries regarding this course please email info@ukteaacademy.com

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