4 x 2 hour live webinars, taught by expert Elizabeth Escobedo.

In this masterclass, we’ll dive deep into the world of herbs and explore how they intertwine with the world of tea by examining herbal history and tracing their use to the modern era. We learn about their growing methods, harvesting, and processing, as well as their health properties as we taste a selection of herbal blends. We will identify common trends and learn creative presentations of herbal infusions for your home and your business.

Over the course of 4 webinars, each 2 hours long, your questions will be answered on an array of topics, launching you on a life-long journey of inquiry and discovery into the diverse and detailed world of herbs.

This course contributes one credit toward the Level Three Tea Diploma but is open to all, regardless of previous experience or study with the UK Tea Academy. For more details about the Tea Diploma qualification, please see this page or email info@ukteaacademy.com

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For this masterclass you will need to source a small selection of teas and ingredients for blending and tasting. The items necessary are easily sourced and alternative options will be given for flexibility. A detailed list of all the teas, ingredients and equipment needed for the course will be sent upon booking.

“A thoroughly interesting and extensive course. Elizabeth’s knowledge is vast and I came away from the course energised with new ideas and equipped with the confidence to develop new blends using herbs and infusions.” – Dorothy, February 2023

Elizabeth Escobedo is truly a master on her craft. The Herbs and Infusion course was a truly remarkable experience. Her deep knowledge, engaging teaching style, and hands-on approach made the subject come alive. She seamlessly blended theory and practice, leaving us inspired and equipped with practical skills. Her commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainability added a valuable dimension to the workshop, showcasing her dedication to the world of herbs. Overall, she is an outstanding instructor, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to explore this currently trending topic across the world.” 

George, September 2023


This course is ideal for anyone interested in discovering, or furthering their knowledge of Herbs and Infusions.

Completion of this masterclass will count as one credit towards the Level 3 Tea Diploma.

Our online masterclasses are open to anyone. If you are aiming for a final Level Three qualification but you have not yet achieved your Level Two Tea Sommelier qualification, you will receive one module credit that can be carried forward.


Webinar 1: Introduction to Herbs and Infusions
In this module, we define herbs and learn about their history and evolution over time. We discuss how herbs were used for medicinal purposes, tracing their applications in China, India, Europe, and North and South America.

  • The definition of herbs and their history
  • China’s role in herbal medicine
  • Herbs in India and their connection to Ayurveda
  • How herbs influenced Europe
  • Herbs in the Americas

Webinar 2: Herb Processing from Crop to Cup
In this module, we discuss the process that the herb undergoes from growing and harvesting to ending in your cup. We start by looking at the various ways in which herbs are grown—from traditional methods to hydroponic gardens. We explore how they are packaged to maintain quality, and how to infuse them to maximize their flavor and beneficial properties.

  • Herb growing methods and harvesting
  • Storage and Packaging
  • The Law—”Do’s and Don’ts” of health claims
  • Cupping herbs and different brewing methods

Webinar 3: Common Herbs and their Flavor Profiles
There are many herbs that come from different parts of the plant, so we will be covering the seeds, roots, leaves, flowers, and fruits, and their unique properties and health benefits.

  • Seeds (coriander, cardamom, fennel, anise, clove)
  • Roots (ginger, licorice, ginseng)
  • Leaves (mint, lemon balm, lemongrass, raspberry leaves, rooibos)
  • Flowers (cornflower, marigold, chamomile, lavender, hibiscus, blue mallow, jasmine, butterfly pea, chrysanthemum, linden, rosebuds, rosehip, safflower)
  • Fruits (orange, lemon, apple, blueberries, strawberries)

Webinar 4: Blending Basics and Herbs in your Lifestyle and Business
In this module we learn key principles to making your own blends, and how to best present them in creative ways to highlight their unique characteristics. We discuss herbal trends and best ways to use herbs in your business. We end by learning ways to incorporate herbs in your lifestyle, both as a consumer and as a business.

  • Making your own Blends
  • Herbs Today–Trends
  • Creative Presentation of Herbal Infusions
  • Establishing self-care rituals with Herbs and Infusions
  • How do I use herbs in my business?


1. Your computer to access the webinars via Zoom and online resources.

2. Kettle, filtered water, and some necessary teaware items
For brewing the teas, you will need some teaware items. A list of recommended equipment will be sent upon booking, to help you prepare for the course.

3. Ingredients for tasting and blending
For this masterclass you will need to source a small selection of teas and ingredients for blending and tasting. The items necessary are easily sourced (for example Chai tea, chamomile flowers, fresh or dried fruits) and alternative options will be given for flexibility. A detailed list of all the ingredients and equipment needed for the course will be sent upon booking.


Elizabeth Escobedo grew up growing, harvesting, and infusing herbs from her grandmother’s garden. It was this upbringing that fueled a passion for botanicals and shaped Elizabeth’s vast knowledge of incorporating them into a way of life. As founder of Elizabella Tea & Co based in the USA, Elizabeth now writes about, teaches, and shares her passion for all things tea, herbs, and inspirational lifestyle rituals.


The UK Tea Academy is not recommending herbs for any particular medicinal or health use. The information taught is intended for educational purposes only and should not be considered as a recommendation or an endorsement of any particular medical or health treatment.

If you are (or could be) pregnant, on medication, have allergies, or in any way unsure about consuming any of the herbs in this class then please consult your doctor before enrolling.


If you wish to continue studying for your Tea Diploma, you will need to take further courses at this level and you must have already completed both Level One and Level Two before the final qualification can be awarded.

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