UKTA reason for being

To provide outstanding education for tea professionals and tea enthusiasts worldwide

The UKTA was established in 2015 to raise the standards of tea service in hospitality. One of the UKTA founders and Director of Studies Jane Pettigrew, is a passionate advocate of high quality tea, prepared correctly to draw the best flavour from the leaf. Jane is among the best-known and most highly respected professionals in the tea world. She has worked as a writer and educator for over 35 years and is tirelessly committed to sharing her knowledge of tea with anyone who has an appreciation for this fabulous leaf. She teaches all over the world, has written 17 books on tea and was awarded a BEM (British Empire Medal) for services to the tea industry.

Jane has created engaging and informative multi-media courses with our highly-regarded tutors who all have specific areas of expertise, from a native understanding of key tea-growing regions, and the history and culture of tea in Britain, to tea science and health.

A certificate from the UKTA is recognised in the hospitality industry as representing a high level of achievement and means the holder has attained a deep understanding and serious appreciation of quality tea. On completion of the introductory Level 1: Tea Champion, most of our students are inclined to develop an even greater knowledge of this fascinating world and enrol in Level 2: Tea Sommelier. Some go even further, to the ultimate challenge of Level 3: Tea Diploma.

The UKTA is recognised as the UK’s leading provider of tea training and now with online global reach and courses in several languages, we have students choosing the UKTA above all others in the international tea training arena. They are never disappointed and all become part of our close UKTA community of tea lovers.

UKTA Tutors

Highly-regarded tea experts, guiding our students through live webinars
Jane Pettigrew

Co-founder and Director of Studies

Jane is one of the best-known and most highly respected professionals in the tea world and was voted Best Tea Educator at World Tea Awards, World Tea Expo 2016.

Juyan Webster

UKTA Tutor

From a tea-growing family in China, Juyan is our Chinese tea expert. She teaches the Tea Sommelier Chinese tea modules and Chinese and Post-Fermented Tea Masterclasses.

Beverley-Claire Wainwright

UKTA Tutor

Tea cultivation expert Beverly processes tea at her factory in Scotland, and shares her hands-on knowledge to our students at every level.

Sam Kimmins

UKTA Tutor

Sam has decades of experience as a professional Tea Blender and Buyer and has frequently shared her expertise on TV and radio. She teaches Tea Sommelier modules.

Asako Steward

UKTA Tutor 

Asako is a true expert in Japanese tea. She is a Qualified Senior Tea Instructor with the Japan Tea Association and was appointed Japan Tea Ambassador to the UK in 2017.

Carri Hecks

UKTA Tutor

Carri has extensive tea knowledge and teaches modules for Tea Champion Theory and Practical, and is a specialist in the perfection of tea-brewing.

Chau-Jean Lin

UKTA Tutor

Chau-Jean, our Taiwanese tea expert, grew up on her family’s tea farm in Taiwan. She has her own tea business and teaches the UKTA Taiwanese Tea Masterclass.

Alex Probyn

UKTA Tutor 

Alex is a Master Tea Blender and tasting expert with over 20 years experience. He runs several UKTA Masterclasses both online and at his own blendatorium in Kent.

Sujin Lee

UKTA Tutor

Our Korean tea specialist, Sujin is dedicated to the Korean way of tea. Passionate about the tea and the ceremony she teaches the UKTA Korean Tea Masterclass.

James Suranga Perera

UKTA Tutor

Suranga teaches our Ceylon Tea Masterclass. He is the former CEO of Ceylon Tea Brokers PLC and has a vast knowledge of the individual estates and teas from across the island of Sri Lanka.

Dr Tim Bond

UKTA Tutor

Tim is a member of the Tea Advisory Panel and Chair of the British Standards Institute tea committee. He has created the UKTA Tea Science and Health Masterclass.

Kurush Bharucha

UKTA Tutor

Kurush is our India origin expert. He is the former Global Tea Expertise Director of Unilever/Lipton, with an amazing 39 years of deep Industry experience. He teaches our Indian Tea Masterclass.

Elizabeth Escobedo

UKTA Tutor

Elizabeth has a lifetime of experience growing, harvesting and infusing herbs. She has her own tea company, based in the USA, and she teaches our Herbs and Infusions Masterclass.

Knut Marius Uddu Skjerve

UKTA Tutor

Tutor of our “How Tea Changed the World” Masterclass, Norway-based Knut Marius is an aficionado of tea and international politics.

Chandra Bhushan Subba

UKTA Tutor

Bhushan has worked at the forefront of the Nepali tea industry for over three decades. With his vast wealth of knowledge, we are delighted to have him teach our Nepali Tea Masterclass.

International Licensed Tutors

Teaching UKTA courses online in another language or in person in another country
Asako Steward


Asako teaches UKTA Tea Champion and Tea Sommelier in Japanese at Tea Academy Japan in Tokyo and Kyoto.

Beverley-Claire Wainwright


Beverly teaches the UKTA Level 1: Tea Champion in person, at The Scottish Tea Factory near Crieff, Perthshire.

Gabriella Scarpa


Gabriella teaches UKTA Tea Champion and Tea Sommelier in Italian, online and in person at Ar-Tea Academy, Venice.

Isaline Lannoy


Based in France, Isaline teaches the UKTA Level 1: Tea Champion course, online, in French.

Kyoung-sook Her

South Korea

Head Trainer at the Tea Speciality Korea Center in Seoul, Kyoung-sook teaches UKTA courses in person in Korean and English.

Pilar Serrano


Pilar teaches UKTA Level 1: Tea Champion online in Spanish, and in person at the Tea Academy Spain,

Sabine Gullatz


Based in Germany, Sabine teaches the UKTA Level 1: Tea Champion course, online, in German.

Stefania Gilardi


Stefania teaches Tea Champion and Tea Sommelier in Italian, in person at the Tea Academy Italia in Abbiategrasso near Milan.