2 days in-person training @ The Peterston Tea Estate, Wales UK

This is a fully immersive, hands-on opportunity to learn how tea is grown, plucked and processed in situ, from the professionals.

This course is open to all, regardless of experience but it counts as an elective masterclass that contributes to the Level 3: Tea Diploma. In addition, this is the only masterclass which also satisfies the need to visit a commercially viable tea garden, a compulsory element of attaining the Tea Diploma.

For more details about the Tea Diploma qualification, please see this page or email info@ukteaacademy.com

Lucy George at Peterston Tea Estate in Wales

Black Tea Making Masterclass

In-person training: 2 days @ Peterston Tea Estate, Wales
Dates for 2025 TBC

This course contributes one credit toward your Level 3 Tea Diploma (and also fulfils the requirement to visit a tea garden), but is open to all.

“The Black Tea Making Masterclass was an extraordinary odyssey into the enchanting realm of black tea. Beverly and Lucy’s unwavering passion and profound expertise created an immersive experience, seamlessly blending knowledge, the artistry of cultivating tea, and sensory exploration.” – George, June 23

“Unforgettable hands on experience! The onwner makes us feel comfortable and welcome. Thank you so much.” – Maria, June 23

“Wonderful 2 day Welsh tea-adventure. The hospitality and dynamics by Lucy from Peterston Estate and the excellent step by step 5-star enthusiast guidance by Beverly Wainwright resulted in a delightful black Welsh Golden tea sweet as a French caramel beurre salé. This experience and the great ambience of the international group of people was just wonderful. Thanks to the UKTA-team for taking such good care for us and helping us to understand the wonders of black tea making. A treasure!” – Martine, June 23

“Brilliant! I’ve just returned from an amazing 2 days learning with Beverly and Lucy whose deep experience and expertise it was a huge privilege to benefit from. The chance to get hands-on and experience tea plucking and processing with all the senses cements my learning from all the other courses in a way which will fix it in my mind forever. It was also such fun to meet with like-minded tea fans from throughout the world and share this fun immersive experience — an unforgettable trip I’ll cherish the memory of for years to come.” – Robert, June 23


The course will be held at the award-winning Peterston Tea Estate which is situated on the outskirts of Cardiff, Wales. Established in 2015 on a five-acre fruit farm, this is one of a number of up-and-coming tea gardens in the UK and Europe. Tea is grown outside using agroforestry techniques and also in polytunnels; so this is a farm really taking a different approach to tea production. Already gaining a fantastic reputation, their tea is sold by Fortnum & Mason and a number of independent tea shops.

Peterston was awarded the Best Food and Drink Producer in Wales at the BBC Food and Farming Awards 2023.


Peterston Tea Estate is run by Lucy George who produces several exciting artisan teas on a small scale. Lucy will lead a tour of the tea garden and a tasting of her Welsh grown teas. Lucy started growing tea in 2014 and promotes biodiversity on the estate using organic practises and agroforestry – growing trees alongside the tea to create a good microclimate for the plants.

Your tutor for the tea making part of the Masterclass is Beverly Wainwright who works as a tea consultant advising small scale growers around the world and who runs the Scottish tea factory where she processes tea for Scottish growers. Beverly started her tea journey 12 years ago in Sri Lanka where she set up her first small-scale factory at Amba Estate producing world renowned teas that continue to provide sustainable livelihoods. She has since worked in Myanmar and the USA and has created award winning black teas. Beverly is an accredited tutor for The U.K. Tea Academy.


The course includes all tuition and course materials, the opportunity to pluck and process fresh leaf, a lovely lunch on both days, and a tea assessment and tasting at the end of the second day.


This course is an elective Masterclass that will contribute to the Level Three Tea Diploma (and also fulfils the requirement to visit a tea garden), but is open to all, regardless of experience.


Day 1 schedule
  • Introduction to Peterston Tea Estate and growing tea in Wales
  • Tasting of Peterson Tea Estate teas
  • PowerPoint presentation covering the basics of black tea making
  • Walking tour around the tea garden
  • Plucking demonstration and tea plucking
  • Introduction to processing as tea begins its withering process
  • Opportunity to ask any questions
Day 2 schedule
  • A step-by-step guide to the processing of black tea
  • Demonstration of tea rolling using a mechanical roller and the opportunity to hand-roll some tea
  • Withering, oxidation and drying
  • All processing techniques will be hands-on in the factory area
  • Tasting and critically assessing the teas produced

Beverly Wainwright and Lucy George of Peterston Tea Estate will be on hand to discuss the processing and answer any questions that you may have.




If you wish to continue studying for your Tea Diploma, you will need to take further courses at this level and you must have already completed both Level One and Level Two before the final qualification can be awarded.


For any enquiries regarding this course please email info@ukteaacademy.com


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