Lively and relevant tea training

The UKTA designs professional tea training courses for companies who need specific information, at the right level, to bring out the best in their team. Choose live tutor-led webinars, online self-guided study, or in-person  training from one of our Authorised Trainers.

Corporate or private tasting events
Contact us about a corporate event or private party where tea brings people together. We tailor the event around the group so it can have a competitive element or be purely social. It will always include rare and interesting teas leaving people surprised and enlightened.

Customised Training Courses

The UKTA can create and deliver professional tea training, tailored for your staff around your brand and your tea list.

This is designed for tea companies or hotels who are looking for a concise, accessible introduction to tea for their hospitality staff, which can be regularly repeated.

We will adapt the bespoke course around the level and focus of the group.  It can be delivered to staff through a live webinar with one of our expert tutors, or it can be an online self-study course that each individual can follow at their own speed, in their own time – on their own device, with checks and quizzes to ensure they understand and complete the whole course.

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Customised Course Case Study: Fortnum & Mason 

We designed the course to give a thorough grounding to all the front of house staff  at Fortnum & Mason in both London and Hong Kong. Through a series of live webinars focusing on an essential introduction to tea, as well as tasting and learning about some of the many fine teas they sell, the staff developed more confidence and became more competent and effective sales people. Every staff member attending the course receives the UKTA’s bespoke F&M Tea Expert enamel badge to wear with pride.

    It would be helpful to have a brief outline of the number of people, online or in person, regular or one-off, whether trainees are selling tea, serving front of house or brewing etc.

    Customised Tea Tastings  

    A UKTA Tea Tasting, tailored for your group, is a lively, interactive way to bring people together for either a corporate or private event. It can be competitive or purely social.

    A UKTA can work with you to provide an ideal group event giving people the opportunity to learn about a new subject. It would be immersive and co-operative, without the need for alcohol – though tea cocktails are always an option.  To add focus and excitement, the event can be designed with a competitive element to challenge tasting skills and assess how much people really know about the world’s most consumed beverage, after water.

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    Tea Tasting Case Study: Global Bank, BNY Mellon
    We were asked to create this late afternoon event as the final get together for over 50 international bank employees on the last day of their conference.  The fast-paced, entertaining event included a quick-fire quiz on tea which deliberately highlighted how little the group really knew about the subject.  It included a broad introduction to the history, culture and benefits of tea and once we had broken them up into smaller teams we set up the competitive games such as matching the dry leaf to the wet leaf to the liquor as well as organising a blind tasting round to test their organoleptic skills. We finished by serving a bespoke Tea Cocktail and awarding a prize to the winning team.

      It would be helpful to have a brief outline of the purpose, corporate or private social, number of people, online or in person, time allowed etc.