UKTA brings tea to life

Take your first step to a professional tea qualification

The UK Tea Academy courses are designed to give you the best grounding in a broad range of tea topics and will lead you, step by step to a recognised, professional certification. We can take you from the essential Level 1: Tea Champion, through the more comprehensive Level 2: Tea Sommelier, right up to the highest Level 3: Tea Diploma for students who are taking their tea learning to the ultimate stage.

Our courses are designed to suit the way you like to learn

Online self-study gives you the flexibility to work at your own pace on your own device, but with a Q&A access to the tutor.  If you don’t want to work alone, our courses are also available as live webinars giving you the classroom experience but online, with a UKTA tutor.  All our tutors are highly qualified and respected in their specific area of expertise.

Join the thousands of students who have been taught through the UK Tea Academy and have developed a greater love and understanding of tea. Our students choose these courses to achieve a recognised qualification which will enrich their personal development and further their career.

Certified Courses

Achieve a professional qualification

Tea Enthusiasts

For the tea passionate and curious

International Trainers

Learn in your own language

Certified Courses

Build your expertise in tea and achieve a recognised qualification.

This is where you can gain a professional qualification. You will need to pass Level 1: Tea Champion before progressing to Level 2: Tea Sommelier and finally, the ultimate challenge of Level 3: Tea Diploma.

Tea Enthusiasts

For tea lovers and the tea curious

The UKTA is a great resource for people who have an appetite to learn more about tea, without wanting to pursue a formal qualification. You can join live webinars, learn from short videos, follow a self-study course, engage in an online event, or choose from a selection of stand alone Masterclasses from the UKTA Tea Diploma course. Many of these also make great gifts to your tea-loving friends.

International Tutors

Learn in your own language, in your own country

The UKTA international licensed tutors offer our courses as live webinars and self-study courses in other languages as well as in person in different countries.

We are expanding our team of tutors throughout the world but currently offer courses in French, Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese and Korean.