Learning for pleasure

For tea lovers who want to experience more teas from different regions, for those who want to develop a  greater appreciation of tea and a deeper understanding of its history, culture, production and trends.  Also for people who want to just explore their interest in tea and even see where it takes them in the professional world. Tutorials are always fascinating and invaluable for those working in the hospitality sector.


Dive into specific aspects of tea, guided by world experts


Join our vital and engaged UKTA community

Video Courses
Fun and instructional videos for tea enthusiasts

Lively, informative talks, tastings and socials


Study one of our courses in your own language


Each of these webinars stands alone, without the need for any prior tea knowledge or experience. They do not carry a stand-alone qualification* but are suitable for the enthusiastic tea-lover or professional, keen to develop a thorough understanding and a deeper appreciation of the specific focus.


Live online classes with our professional tutors

These webinars can be joined by anyone wishing to learn about a specific region or category of tea. The regional Masterclasses (eg China, Taiwan etc) include a selection of rare and high grade teas (unavailable elsewhere) which are sent out to you in advance. During the webinar the tutor guides participants through the tea tasting, as well as giving an insightful exploration of the subject to expand your knowledge and excite the palate.


Self-study Masterclasses

These are reasonably high-level courses designed by our professional tutors to give a deep insight into their area of focus. Some are text-based courses, others are video but there is no time limit so they can be followed at your own speed. As part of the self-study Masterclass you are entitled to attend a live Q&A session with the tutor who wrote the course.


*One-off Masterclasses can be joined without having taken any previous UKTA courses. However, to achieve a UKTA qualification you can complete the Tea Champion then the Tea Sommelier, after which the Masterclasses count as credits towards the highest Level 3: UKTA Tea Diploma

Video Courses

All the advantages of a self-study course in your space, in your own time but with video instead of text-based learning. The video courses cover subjects from brewing tea to processing the fresh tea leaf and range from 30 to 180 minutes. There are also video elements in some of the Masterclasses integrated within the text-based lessons.