Level 1: Tea Champion

Our Level 1: Tea Champion course is aimed at all those working with tea, either brewing, serving or selling it, as well as anyone who has an interest in tea and a thirst to learn more.

The Tea Champion course is separated into Theory and Practical. The Theory is taken as a self-study online course. The Practical is taught as live tutor-led webinars and we send you over 25 high-grade teas to brew, with your tutor taking you through a guided tasting.

The UKTA has three levels of certification. Introductory Level 1: Tea Champion, intermediate Level 2: Tea Sommelier and advanced Level 3: Tea Diploma.

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“Tea Champion Theory was fabulous! I learned much more than I thought I would have!”
– Eileen, October 23

“A perfect blend of tea history, health info, tea manufacturing processes, types of tea… I highly recommend it!”
– Anne, September 22

“I have loved every minute of this course.
The Curriculum.
The expert teaching.
The variety of course topics.
The administration staff – were efficient and very helpful.
This course has exceeded my expectations.
I absolutely recommend this course to people of any level.”
– Tia, July 22

“The Tea Foundation course has been excellent. Well thought out and presented. Plenty of information and a really good variety of text, images, film clips and resources. I feel this course has been very good value for money and have enjoyed every minute of it. The online platform has been easy to use and has worked perfectly.”
– Colin, July 20

Tea Champion: Theory

Self-study Online Course: approx 10 hours of learning online with short revision quizzes. Can be followed in your own time at your own speed.


Level 1: Tea Champion Theory is open to everyone. No previous experience is required, just plenty of enthusiasm to develop your understanding and appreciation of tea.

  • An insight into the history of tea; the plant, and harvesting the leaf
  • Learn the stories and trends behind different types of tea
  • Tea terminology
  • Find out the difference in tea manufacturing methods for the 6 categories of tea
  • Explore tea production and culture in the major producing countries
  • Golden rules of tea brewing
  • Caffeine, L-theanine and tea’s perceived health benefits


This course is also available in other languages.



Includes 25+ teas

4 modules

International Postage £25
Restrictions apply, please click the ‘Non-UK’ button at the side of this page for more info

“Fantastic course! Carri is a funny, dynamic, passionate and very knowledgeable teacher. The classes were interactive and full of discoveries. I highly recommend the Tea Champion Practical Course.”
– Anne, October 22

“I have really enjoyed this course. Beverley was fantastic and made the learning fun. Coupled with the theory course, this is a great introduction to tea. The 4 webinars being at night was great with me working full time. This course has taught me much and inspired me to take this further. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has a basic interest in tea and wants to know more whether they want to make a career or business afterward or just for pleasure.”
– Lisa, January 23

“Lovely class, and very well thought through. The digital edition worked like a charm, thanks to the very thorough and well-crafted documents and instructions we received in advance. Our lecturer was pleasant and helpful, and the three hours were well organized from beginning to end. Carri also had a lovely personality, and would often share of her own experiences and anecdotes during her talk, making the topics more relatable and entertaining. The homework was a big help, and all the resources we were given, such as the tea manufacture chart and the tea flavor wheel, were key for simplifying terms and processes that were explained.”
– Knut, September 21

Tea Champion: Practical


The Practical course is open to anyone. However, we advise you to complete the Theory part of Tea Champion first as you will get more from the tasting experience.



The Tea Champion Practical course is taught over four live webinars of 3 hours each. Our expert tutor guides you through multiple tea tastings to explore all the categories of tea that are studied in the Theory course. You will receive access to supporting online materials, video and other downloadable resources.

Over 25 carefully selected, high-grade teas will be sent to you for this course.

  • The basics of tasting and how we taste
  • Brewing with filtered and unfiltered tap water
  • The correct and incorrect water temperature
  • The correct and incorrect steep time
  • Separating tea leaves from the liquor
  • Teapots: good and not so good
  • Terroir and tasting similar teas from different origins
  • Tasting and assessment of at least 35 teas from around the world, including black, green, white, oolong, yellow, puerh and flavoured teas
  • Revision of essential tea terminology
  • Re-cap of  tea manufacturing methods for the 6 categories of tea
  • Blind tasting
  • The principles of tea blending; trainees make their own blend

Before the course starts you will get FREE access to our introductory video about brewing tea.
Handouts will be issued for each module, including instructions for homework tasks. High quality printouts of important resources will be sent to you by post with the teas, others will need to be printed at home.
Recordings of your webinars will be available for you to watch for up to 30 days after the course has ended.


If you have already completed the Tea Champion Theory course, then at the end of this Practical course, you are eligible to take the Tea Champion multiple-choice test in order to qualify as a UK Tea Academy, Tea Champion.

The cost of the test is included, but it will be set at a later date by mutual arrangement and takes approximately 45 minutes to complete online with our invigilator.


1. Your computer or phone to join the webinars via Zoom

It is important to have a functioning video camera and microphone for joining the sessions, as this is an interactive course

2. Access to filtered water

Filtered water (not mineral water) is an essential requirement for this course. If you live in the UK we will send you a BRITA water filter jug. If you live outside the UK we can discuss alternative options with you.

3. Access to a printer

We will be releasing handouts, homework tasks and supporting materials such as charts, which will need to be printed out so that you can use them and make notes as you progress through the course. If this may cause a problem for you, please let us know when you book.

4. A tea preparation area and items of teaware

All students will need to attend the live tutor-led webinars with easy access to

  • A flat surface on which to prepare the teas and make notes
  • A kettle for heating water
  • Specific teaware items ie jugs, cups etc

A list of the essential items will be sent to you on booking to allow plenty of time to prepare for the course.


This course is also available in other languages.