Level 2: Tea Sommelier

This course provides considerably greater scope and more detail than the Level 1 course and supports the next step in a career or business for the professional tea sommelier.

A Tea Sommelier qualification will help professionals involved in sourcing tea from world origins, those who oversee the brewing and service of tea in a high end tea environment and anyone writing tea menus and press releases or exploring a more in-depth understanding of tea. It is currently taught as twelve live webinars in small online classes.

The UKTA has three levels of certification. Introductory Level 1: Tea Champion, intermediate Level 2: Tea Sommelier and advanced Level 3: Tea Diploma.

Tea Sommelier

12 modules

Includes over 100 teas

International Postage £50
Restrictions apply, please click the ‘Non-UK’ button at the side of this page for more info

“Exceptional classes with the most knowledgable tea experts. The insights and breadth of tea shared have been truly memorable. Thank you UKTA.”
– Jean-Pierre, May 23

“What a great course. Perfect overview of different tea producing countries, wonderful selection of teas from each of them, and incredibly knowledgeable tea experts with lots of stories to share. The schedule of the classes allowed for enough time to catch up if any was missed (or to review and re-brew), and the group was the perfect size to allow us all to talk, interact and share our perceptions, which made it even more enriching. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that is passionate about tea and would like to deepen their knowledge.”
– Diana, May 23

“A big thank you for an excellent course, I have loved every minute of it and I’m looking forward to continuing my learning with the Academy.”
– Beatrice, July 21

“This course provided a solid overview and introduction to tea on an international scale. The focus on the individual as well as the profession provided further insight into how tea can be more than just a commodity but also connect people in a unique way. The trainers were brilliant and showed commitment and care for each student as we progressed. I highly recommend this course.”
– Kate, July 21

UKTA Tea Sommelier

This course takes the student on an in-depth journey of discovery in the world of tea.  Professionals already working in the tea sector will further their knowledge and practical skills, positively impacting the tea business they work in and enhancing their value in this premium, fast-growing sector. This Level 2 certificate course is recognised by the hospitality industry and F&B groups, as adding valuable practical skills and professional understanding to their staff’s knowledge of tea.


Tea Sommelier is open to all UK Tea Academy students who have successfully completed the Level 1: Tea Champion course, passed the exam and been awarded the Tea Champion certificate.

  • Overview of terroir and cultivation
  • Sensory evaluation of tea & tea vocabulary
  • Tasting and assessment of more than 70 expertly selected teas from around the world
  • An insight into small-scale artisan production
  • How teas are bought and sold
  • The ‘how’ of tea trading
  • Background to the major tea growing regions of the world
  • An in-depth look at teas from major countries of origin as well as those from less well-known and newly emerging tea-growing regions.
  • Different water delivery systems and tea brewing machines
  • Writing tea descriptions for tea menus, tea websites and packaging
  • The principles of Tea and Food Pairing
  • How to prepare a tasting event
  • Cupping teas and cupping practise
  • Tea Etiquette

The Tea Sommelier course includes over 100 carefully selected high grade teas sent to your address, 36 hours of live, online teaching with our expert tutors, pre-course information and module handouts, the cost of the exam, the certificate and enamel lapel badge.

You will need to have available a range of teaware, filtered water and other equipment, which will be confirmed to you in writing after booking the course.


(full details can be seen on the booking page)

TS CUL – Tea Cultivation and the Tea Trade

TS SEN – The Sensory Evaluation of Tea

TS TAI – Taiwanese Teas

TS IND – Indian Teas

TS CWG – Chinese White and Green Teas

TS COB – Chinese Oolongs and Black Teas

TS CDG – Chinese Dark Teas & Gong Fu Brewing

TS SLN – Teas from Sri Lanka

TS AFR – Teas from Africa & Brewing Parameters

TS JAP – Japanese Teas

TS SKV – Teas from South Korea, Vietnam and Nepal

TS TFP – Tea Tasting Events, Food Pairing, Tea Rituals




The Tea Sommelier exam is taken one-to-one via Zoom, at a time to suit each trainee. The exam consists of brewing teas, an oral test and a written test. It usually takes between 2 and 3 hours to complete.The exam can only be undertaken after you have completed the 36 hours of Tea Sommelier webinar study with the UK Tea Academy.

On completion of the Tea Sommelier course and having achieved a satisfactory grade in the exam, students will be awarded the qualification of UK Tea Academy: TEA SOMMELIER.