Level 3: Tea Diploma

This is the UKTA’s highest level of certification. It is designed for hospitality and tea professionals, and all those who wish to develop their skills,  achieving a significant appreciation and in-depth understanding of all aspects of tea.

To succeed at this level, the student needs to be highly motivated. The UKTA Tea Diploma demonstrates a comprehensive knowledge of tea, a clear dedication to the subject and represents a significant achievement.

The UKTA has three levels of certification. Introductory Level 1: Tea Champion, intermediate Level 2: Tea Sommelier and advanced Level 3: Tea Diploma.


Priced per module

Cost of exam: £650




“Juyan is so knowledgable. Wonderful overview and in-depth look at Chinese teas.”
– Carla, Chinese Teas Masterclass, May 21

“Amazing introduction to Dark teas. Juyan managed to convey the subject to both people like me, who know very little but also for those with a broader knowledge.”
– Korinna, Dark Teas Masterclass, April 21

“An extremely enjoyable course, presented with contagious enthusiasm!  Excellent step by step videos and thorough handouts have taught me so much. Educational materials on the growing and processing of high quality teas is hard to find to this high standard.”
– Islay, From Tea Seed to Cup Masterclass, June 21

“Fluent and engaging webinar!”
– Valerie, History & Etiquette of Afternoon Tea Masterclass, May 21

Tea Diploma: Masterclasses

Masterclasses are open to all. However, students who wish to qualify for their UKTA Tea Diploma are expected to study to a higher level to develop the expertise needed in their chosen areas of study.

The student receives personalised tutoring in an advanced online learning environment. The Tea Diploma course is broken down into Masterclass modules. A total of twelve modules must be taken to achieve the Tea Diploma. There is no time limit to complete them all.

Of twelve masterclass modules, eight are compulsory core modules and four are elective – see table below. Modules focus on specific aspects of tea, including origins, science, categories and relevant brewing rituals, offering the student a certain amount of flexibility to select and study the most appropriate topic for their career and business.

It is also a requirement to visit a tea-growing region to develop a rich understanding of the cultivation and processing of tea. This can be Europe, Africa, India or anywhere else in the world where tea is produced commercially. The UKTA can advise on the gardens nearest to you.

The Tea Diploma is open to all UKTA Tea Sommeliers. Anyone who has not passed the Tea Sommelier exam can join several Tea Diploma Masterclass modules for interest only. However, is not possible to be awarded the Tea Diploma certificate without having completed Tea Sommelier first. Masterclass module credits can be saved for the future and will not expire.

All participants who wish to earn their Tea Diploma, must complete the eight compulsory core modules (from List A below) plus four additional modules: two selected from List B and two selected from List C. Each module must be booked separately according to availability.

Masterclass modules
List A: core

All compulsory

List B: elective

Choose 2 modules

List C: elective

Choose 2 modules

Chinese TeaPost-fermented Tea: from Puer to Tibetan TeasHistory and Etiquette of Afternoon Tea *
Japanese TeaNepali TeaHerbs and Infusions
Taiwanese TeaKorean TeaHow Tea Changed the World
Indian TeaVietnamese TeaOne-to-One Black Tea Processing Masterclass in Scotland 
Ceylon TeaChinese Medicine and HerbalsTea Ethics and Sustainability
Tea Science and HealthBlack Tea Making 2-day  Masterclass @ Peterston Tea Estate, WalesEmerging Tea Regions 
Advanced Tasting
Tea Blending 1-day Masterclass @ Blends for Friends, KentTea Rituals
From Tea Seed to Cup

Modules in italics are coming soon – register your interest here.

* Also available in Italian



To achieve the UKTA Tea Diploma, you must complete:

  1. A visit to a commercially viable tea garden anywhere in the world. Notes and photos required.
  2. 4 x 1000 word essays on your choice of set questions relating to four of the core Masterclass modules (4000 words total)
  3. 2 x 1000 word essays on two of your elective Masterclass modules (2000 words total)
  4. You will also be required to write a thesis of 4000 words on a topic of your choice. The focus of the thesis will be discussed in advance with your tutor or the UKTA Director of Studies.

Each of the six essays will have a maximum mark of 10. The thesis will have a maximum mark of 40. Your total mark will determine your qualification: Pass, Merit or Distinction.

All essays and the thesis will be submitted together once the exam fee has been paid (you may request and complete essay questions after you have taken each masterclass, but you will not submit them until you have completed all six and your thesis).

The cost of the exam is £650.