The recipient of The Leafies very special Lifetime Achievement award, was dedicated to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the advancement of tea knowledge, understanding and appreciation. He is the much celebrated tea veteran Indi Khanna.

From 17th – 21st October our expert judges gathered to assess every tea entered into the first ever International Tea Academy Awards, The Leafies 2022. We’re proud to share this behind the scenes video of our judging week film, which shows the care and consideration that went into tasting each and every tea.

Got time for a brew? Then stick the kettle on and take five, because there’s a brand-new set of awards that you need to know about – the new International Tea Academy Awards, known as The Leafies, in partnership with BRITA Professional.

Ar-Tea Academy is proud to collaborate with the UK Tea Academy bringing to Italy the very best tea education, with valid and recognised UKTA professional certifications. Read more about Gabriella Scarpa, UKTA’s Authorised Trainer in Venice, Italy.

Our indefatigable co-founder and Director of Studies Jane Pettigrew – leading tea historian and writer – spoke to @the.tea.biz podcast about how the UKTA evolved into an innovative global tea education institution with the impact of COVID, and the role UKTA plays in raising awareness of good tea both in the UK and around the world.

For years, we have been trying to find out the truth behind Earl Grey tea. Why was the famous blend named after the British Prime Minister? Why is it flavoured with oil of Bergamot? Which of the famous legends (if any) are true?

We are delighted to present The UK Tea Academy’s first white paper on water for tea. Water, which makes up to 99% or more of a cup of tea, is an often-overlooked ingredient that has a huge impact on the taste, aroma and appearance of every cup – and up until now it has not been considered in the same way as water for coffee.

In Feb 2018, Nigel Melican gave the keynote address at the Global Tea Initiative for Tea Culture and Science 3rd Annual Symposium. He discussed such factors as urbanisation, population growth, an increasing shortage of available land, climate change, etc – all of which will have, or are already having a fundamental effect on tea production.