The History of Earl Grey Tea

For years, we have been trying to find out the truth behind Earl Grey tea. Why was the famous blend named after the British Prime Minister? Why is it flavoured with oil of Bergamot? Which of the famous legends (if any) are true? Who has the original recipe? Etc, etc. Tea friends of Jane’s in the US have researched the history of the tea, and a few years ago, Jane spent time with the Grey family looking through archival material at their family ancestral home, Howick Hall in Northumberland. But it has always been difficult to shed more light or answer the questions. We will probably never know the truth! But it is a fascinating mystery and the following article, available online from The Food of England Project, explores the background to the name, the blend, and the possible origins of the tea.  It makes for interesting reading. 


** NB. The article mentions Richard Grey, 6th Earl Grey, who sadly died in 2013. The 7th Earl is Philip Kent Grey, Richard Grey’s younger brother