BRITA Professional champions tea growers protecting the planet with Tea Academy Awards partnership

Sustainabili-tea: every cup matters

Got time for a brew? Then stick the kettle on and take five, because there’s a brand-new set of awards that you need to know about – the new International Tea Academy Awards, known as The Leafies.

At BRITA Professional we understand the lengths growers will go to in ensuring they produce the highest quality tea with the lowest environmental impact possible – it’s the same ethos we apply to all our products and sustainability efforts.

That’s why we’ve partnered with the UK Tea Academy to celebrate the world’s finest loose leaf teas, and to applaud the individuals and organisations demonstrating outstanding environmental stewardship.

Gratitude for growers

Sustainability is a key ingredient in any cup of tea. From the initial seeds sown to the way the equipment used to boil the water is treated, it is essential that we all play our part in maximising the sustainability of every single serve.

The Gaia Award, one of the specialist categories in The Leafies, celebrates the industry’s commitment to the cause. It’s open for nominations online now, and closes on 18th September. We urge you to enter a grower going above and beyond the norm to protect Earth’s fragile ecosystems, all while creating exquisite loose leaf tea – whether that’s in a garden, larger estate, or sprawling farm.

Care for equipment, care for the planet

At BRITA Professional we believe you don’t have to be growing tea to become an environmental guardian in the industry. As we celebrate growers through the Gaia Award, we should also consider how all of us working with tea – be it serving, selling or otherwise – have the potential to put sustainability at the forefront of every sip.

Proper machine maintenance is a key component of this venture. Not only will cared-for hot beverage equipment be less likely to break down and need replacing, but there’s an opportunity to avoid a build-up of limescale, which as it accumulates reduces the efficiency of the heating elements within machines and results in unnecessary overconsumption of electricity.

Installing a water filter on to hot beverage equipment will help to eliminate mineral deposits in the water that can lead to the build-up of limescale while also ensuring that the best quality of water is served to optimise the taste of the brew. This will reduce heating inefficiencies as well as protecting equipment from unexpected breakdowns.

As water types vary across the country, the correct water filter must be used based the specific water composition of the region to ensure the greatest possible impact. If you are unsure about which to choose, get in touch and our dedicated team of experts can assist.

What’s more, BRITA’s Managed Services can take certain maintenance tasks such as exchanging filters at the correct time, training team members on best practices, onsite diagnostics and issue resolution, engineer support and even recycling your filter cartridges off your hands – making it easier than every to embrace sustainability efforts.

When we work together to achieve and celebrate green efforts across the industry, we have the power to fully embrace sustainability in every sip.

Help us champion those in the tea industry working tirelessly to protect the planet.

Enter them in The Leafies’ Gaia Award and find out more about other categories recognising great taste and more before 18 September.

The UKTA have a selection of downloadable graphics to share on The Leafies webpage.