Tea in the Future – a Bumpy Ride?

Global Tea Initiative @ UC Davis: 3rd Symposium

Keynote Address. Nigel Melican: Tea in the Future – A Bumpy Ride.

In Feb 2018, Nigel Melican gave the keynote address at the Global Tea Initiative for Tea Culture and Science 3rd Annual Symposium at the University of California, Davis (UC Davis). In October 2019, Nigel shared on Facebook the link to his presentation about ‘Tea in the Future – a Bumpy Ride’. He raises all sorts of issues that we all need to be aware of. He discusses such factors as urbanisation, population growth, an increasing shortage of available land, climate change, etc – all of which will have, or are already having a fundamental effect on the workforce, the production process, quantities and types of tea produced, attitudes to tea, the marketing of tea, and the product itself.

This YouTube clip runs for over an hour but it is really worth watching as it contains facts, statistics, thoughts and predictions that anyone involved or interested in tea should be aware of, should be thinking about, and should be discussing.