by Gabriella Scarpa, UKTA Authorised Trainer in Venice, Italy.

Having studied many tea courses in Italy over the years, I decided to fly to London and take UK Tea Academy classes up to Level 3, under the guidance of the very best teacher, Jane Pettigrew. What I found at the UKTA was, and still is, the best teaching method; one that I truly believed in and wanted to share with Italians who need tea training but could not study in the English language. So I became a UKTA Authorised Trainer.

Ar-Tea Academy is proud to collaborate with the UK Tea Academy bringing to Italy the very best tea education, with valid and recognised UKTA professional certifications. We deliver training to all Italians, both those already working in the tea industry and tea enthusiasts.

Since 2019, Ar-Tea Academy has certified more than 50 Tea Champions and 10 Tea Sommeliers.

With Ar-tea Academy, run by Gabriella Scarpa, it is possible to start from UKTA’s Level 1 “Tea Champion” and learn any way you like: either starting with the self-study method from our online learning platform, or by taking live webinars with Gabriella, or even in the most traditional way of classroom-based in-person learning in Venice.

Since just 2019 we have already certified more than 50 Tea Champions.

The Level 2 “Tea Sommelier” course is taught through 12 live webinars, as well as in-person in our classroom in Venice. In 2022 we certified 10 new UKTA Tea Sommeliers with the Ar-Tea Academy.

Now, for the very first time, the Level 3 “Tea Diploma” will be accessible in Italian with our first Masterclass “The History and Etiquette of Afternoon tea”, written by UKTA Founder and Director of Studies Jane Pettigrew.

More masterclasses will follow soon, enabling Italian tea lovers and professionals to develop their specialist tea knowledge and qualify at our highest level.

All the exams for Level 1 and Level 2 courses are run both in person and online by Ar-Tea Academy in Italian, and the UKTA numbered and licensed certificates are sent directly to each student from Venice.

Ar-tea Academy also provides a consultancy and training service to students who are looking to open or improve their tea business. Gabriella also offers a custom-built and certified course in Italian that can be delivered in-house to companies.

Traditional British Afternoon Tea Parties are special and beautiful events that AR-tea delivers in collaboration with hotels and tea rooms, which include information about the history and etiquette of Afternoon Tea, and sharing special recipes for the creation of traditional sandwiches, scones, and sweets in the British style, made using local and seasonal ingredients.

Tea-based events have also proven popular among Fashion Companies, Art Galleries, and Design Shops, as an attraction to launch their new collections or exhibitions, or as an experience offered to their best clients for a special celebratory occasion. Once again, these have been hosted by Ar-tea with as much or as little involvement from the company concerned as preferred.

The next session of courses 2022 is starting and now open to receive new students:

more dates coming soon

8-9th October classroom course in Venice

27-28-29-30th October classroom course in Venice