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New Online Platforms Coming

We’ve been offering training online since 2020 and figured it was about time for a software upgrade. Soon, every step in the process of signing up, joining and completing a course will be simplified with just a few clicks from start to finish.

We’ll also be adding new social features, making it easier for students to connect with other students interested in the same areas of tea and our tutors. You’ll be able to display the qualifications you’ve received as badges on your profile, making it easier to track your progress towards our higher qualifications.

Keep an eye out for the email to sign up to our new social site over the next couple of months.



The Leafies: Taste the Winning Teas

Second Event added due to popular demand! 


You might have heard about (and even booked your ticket for) our Academy Event to taste some of the winning teas from The Leafies 2023.

If you haven’t booked yet, click here to purchase your ticket for the event on Sunday 21st April – which includes delivery of six of the winning teas, including two Gold Winners. Together we will brew and taste these beautiful teas, joined by some of the producers to hear about the culture and the craft that makes them so special. Be quick, as demand is high and places are limited, and especially if you live outside the UK, as international bookings will close THIS SUNDAY 31st March at midnight.

The teas we will taste at the first event on Sunday 21st April are:

1. Kangra Black Tea, Mansimble Tea & Estate, India
Highly Commended, Category: Black Tea from India (other regions)
2. Lóngfèng Xiá Oolong, Wang Family Tea, Taiwan
Highly Commended, Category: Oolong Tea from Taiwan (lightly oxidised)
3. Matcha Asahi & Ujihikari, Furukawa Seicha, Japan
GOLD, Category: Powdered Tea (Matcha)
4. Rose Label Reserve, Nepal Tea Collective
Highly Commended, Category: Black Tea (other regions)
5. Sinharaja Wiry Tips, Lumbini Tea Valley, Sri Lanka
GOLD, Category: Black Tea (Sri Lanka)
6. Kinstugi Cha, Camelia Unipessoal Lda, Portugal
Highly Commended, Category: Green Tea (new regions)



Because demand for the first event has been so high, and we have so many winners from The Leafies keen to share their wonderful teas, we have added a second event on Sunday 26th May. Put the date in your diary and keep an eye on our website and social media to find out when its open for booking.

The teas we will taste at the second event on Sunday 26th May are: 


1. Bullseye, Gryphon, Singapore
Highly Commended, Wellness Blend
2. Ya Shi Xlang, Jantle Group, China
Gold, Oolong China (lightly oxidised)
3. Red Oolong Tea, Zen Zen The, Taiwan
Gold, Oolong Taiwan (heavily oxidised)
4. AMBA Uva Oolong, Amba Tea Estate, Sri Lanka
Highly Commended, Oolong other region
5. Doke Black Fusion, Lochan Tea, Bihar, India
Highly Commended, Black tea new region
6. Izumi 2023 2nd Flush, Sashimacha Yoshida Tea Farm, Japan
Highly Commended, Black Japan



Student Success: Update from Phyu Thwe, Mogok Tea

You may already know about the wonderful project started by Phyu Thwe in her home country of Myanmar. After achieving her Tea Sommelier qualification, the UKTA introduced her to Tea Consultant and UKTA tutor Beverly Wainwright, with whom Phyu worked closely on the Mogok tea factory project.

The project has been so successful and inspiring that Phyu won the Tea for Life Award at the first Leafies Awards in 2022.


Phyu (left) with Beverly Wainwright, after winning her Tea for Life Award at The Leafies 2022

We have wonderful news from Phyu:
We’ve achieved a significant milestone in the EU market, securing a substantial order from a leading German company with branches across Scandinavia and Western Europe. This development has significantly enhanced our standing.

Our tea has now reached diverse corners of the globe, including New Zealand, Estonia, Norway, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, France, Belgium, the USA, Denmark, and the UK. By the end of this year, it will be available as a limited edition in select retailers only.

In an inspiring turn of events, Tea Kulture of Belgium graciously agreed to cover all medical expenses for an entire village every month. Words cannot fully capture my gratitude for your guidance, support, and for connecting me with Beverly.


Phyu also wants to share the story behind the estate and how the teas got their names

Imagine a land where ancient Banyan trees stand tall, their roots entwined in the earth for over eight centuries. This is the Five Tree Estate, a place where nature’s legacy and spiritual guardianship meet. Here, whispers echo of a benevolent spirit known as the ‘Yoke Ka Zoe,’ who has silently watched over the land for as long as these majestic trees have graced the landscape. It is within this enchanting estate that Mogok Tea finds its essence, crafting teas that are not just beverages but reflections of a deeper connection to the land.

The ‘Yoke Ka Zoe’ is more than just a myth or legend; it is an embodiment of prosperity and protection. Locals and travellers alike pay their respects to this unseen guardian on their journeys, acknowledging the spirit’s eternal vigilance. At the base of each Banyan tree, a temple stands, adorned with offerings of fresh blooms, pure water, and the season’s choicest fruits. These gestures symbolise the reverence and gratitude shown towards the guardian’s presence, an integral part of daily life on the estate.

In perfect harmony with the natural rhythm of the land, the estate thrives under the watchful eye of the ‘Yoke Ka Zoe.’ Each day, fresh water and flowers are presented as a timeless tradition, an act that weaves the guardian’s essence into the daily lives of those who inhabit this mystical place. Even the ruby miners, who seek treasures beneath the earth, bring offerings of red candies, mirroring the preciousness of gems in hopes of earning the spirit’s favour.

The ‘Yoke Ka Zoe’ remains a hidden secret, revealing itself only to the fortunate few. Legends speak of such encounters resulting in lives transformed overnight, riches beyond imagination, and rubies that sparkle with the spirit’s blessings. But it is not just wealth that the guardian symbolises; it is the intangible riches of well-being, harmony, and profound connection to the land.

In homage to the ‘Yoke Ka Zoe,’ Mogok Tea has carefully named their teas, each one reflecting the spirit’s essence and the deep-rooted bond with the land.

  • The ‘Tree Spirit White Tea‘ embodies the purity and graceful nature of the guardian, capturing the symbiotic relationship between nature and the dedicated tea pickers.
  • The ‘Tiny Temple Green Tea‘ pays tribute to the hallowed spots beneath each Banyan tree where dreams are whispered and hopes are cherished. It is a testament to the ‘Yoke Ka Zoe’s’ ability to manifest aspirations into reality.
  • And then there is the ‘Black Ruby Tea,’ a nod to the prosperity that the guardian represents. Its leaves, as precious as the unique gems the miners unearth, brew into a dark infusion rich with promises of protection and abundance.

Mogok Tea celebrations and ceremonies are infused with the spirit of ‘Yoke Ka Zoe.’ They encapsulate the ebbs and flows of life, the changing seasons, and the bountiful harvests. In every leaf that is carefully harvested, the rhythm of the timeless presence resonates, uniting the past, present, and future.

Mogok Tea is more than just a brand; it is a responsible guardian, ethically sourcing teas that bring the spirit of the ‘Yoke Ka Zoe’ into the lives of tea connoisseurs around the world. With a strong commitment to sustainability, fair-trade practices, and natural methods, Mogok Tea connects consumers with a feel-good factor, bridging the gap between ethical sources and sustainable products.

When you sip Mogok Tea, you are not just experiencing a beverage; you are immersing yourself in a legacy that spans centuries. It is a taste of nature’s blessings, a glimpse into the mystical world of the ‘Yoke Ka Zoe,’ and an opportunity to be a part of a movement towards a fairer, greener world.




Exhibition in London
The Craft of Tea 1660 – 2024


The Craft of Tea: 1660-2024
Wed 1 May –Thu 27 June 2024
9am –6pm, Mon –Fri, Free admission
The Goldsmiths’ Centre, 42 Britton Street, London EC1M 5AD

The Craft of Tea: 1660-2024 is a free exhibition at the Goldsmiths’ Centre that explores the material history of tea, stylistically and thematically from 1660 to the present day. It presents remarkable silver objects from The Chitra Collection, an extraordinary private museum of historic teawares, alongside examples by modern and contemporary makers.

Over forty notable pieces from the collection will be displayed, spanning the seventeenth to the twenty-first century. They will be exhibited together with loans from The Pearson Silver Collection, The Goldsmiths’ Company Collection and individual makers. The Chitra Collection team has been a long-term contributor to the Goldsmiths’ Centre’s public and training programmes. The co-curated exhibition is a unique chance for members of the jewellery and silversmithing industry, Londoners and visitors to the Goldsmiths’ Centre to view examples from this incredible collection.

The exhibition is divided into eight themes that take you on a journey from the early beginnings of tea trade in Europe, through tea taking as ritual, power and rebellion, to the boundary pushing teapots of the modern and contemporary period. The exhibits are global in scope, whilst also questioning the preoccupations of UK silversmiths today. Amongst the historical examples in each thematic display, you will find a contemporary counterpart that responds to or extends the ideas under consideration.

Whatever your interest – visual, historical, or practical – we hope that you will enjoy this celebration of the craft of making tea.

For more information, click here



Tea Business for Sale

40 year history of retail shop in London prior to closure in 2022. The business is now web based, serving consumer and business customers. Very good reputation for quality product, comprehensive range of tea/accessories and good quality service. Good opportunities for growth through existing products, simple product innovation to existing customers and new sales channels.

Quick and simple sale sought due to bereavement. For more information and/or to express an interest, please call/message 07970 993099.


We want your news!

Calling UKTA students: have you started a career in tea? Perhaps you’ve opened your own tea shop, started working or been promoted in the F&B industry, started an online tea business, or even started hosting tea tasting events in your local area?

If you are using your UKTA knowledge in your professional life, we want to hear from you! You could be featured here in our newsletter and on our website as one of our ‘Student Successes’.

Email us if you have news to share



Upcoming Courses and Events

Tea Champion Practical

Weekend mornings: 20th – 28th April

4 live interactive webinars
Tutor: Carri Hecks


This course is designed for anyone who has completed the Tea Champion Theory course. The four interactive webinars will together cover all the practical elements of our Tea Champion course (tasting, brewing, blending, etc) that could not be taught in the theory courses.

More info and booking here

Alex pouring tea - Rap event

Tea Blending Masterclass

Friday 26th April

1 day in-person course @ Blends for Friends, Kent

Learn about the finer points of tea blending from the experts, on site at a state-of-the-art tea blending facility. This course will give you the knowledge you need to start creating your own tea blends, from what equipment you need, to how to source your ingredients and how to blend both teas and herbals. Scheduled to coincide with our Advanced Tasting Skills Masterclass on 25th April. £150 discount when booking both courses. Email us to use this offer.

More info and booking here


Ceylon Tea Masterclass

Starts Tuesday 16th April

4 Live Interactive Webinars
Tutor: Suranga Perera

“Suranga’s breadth and depth of knowledge was first class, and the material was well-structured and delivered, managing to keep on track through so many teas” Includes delivery of a selection of fine Ceylon teas to brew and taste throughout the course..

Includes delivery of a selection of fine Ceylon teas to brew and taste throughout the course.

More info and booking here

Empire in a Cup: A Historic London Tea Tour

Saturday 27th April 1pm

In-person, London
Guide: Lisa Honan

Lisa Honan CBE, a qualified City of London guide, will take you to see where tea was first served in London and will explain how, from those small beginnings, the thirst for the tea and its profits turned tea into a national and global obsession which shaped the Empire.

More info and booking here