Kurush Bharucha – Tutor

With his rich knowledge of multi-origin teas and the global Tea Industry, we are thrilled to have Kurush as one of our Tutors.

Kurush started his career in 1985 with Brooke Bond India Limited, and has worked in all 6 Indian Tea auction centres – Kolkata, Guwahati and Siliguri in North India, and Kochi, Coimbatore and Coonoor in South India. In his early days, he used to taste up to 1000 cups of tea each day (yes!), in support of his mentor’s adage, ‘Practice makes Perfect, so Perfect your Practice’.

He is extensively travelled from ‘Bush to Brand’ (i.e. from tea origin countries to tea drinking countries). His career has seen him move around the world – from tenures of 20 years across India, to 8 years in Dubai, to 11 years in the UK.

Kurush is a passionate Tea tutor and strongly believes that the best way to learn about tea, is to drink it. As Unilever/Lipton’s Chief Tea Quality Custodian, he has passed on his knowledge by engaging, educating, exciting and energising many tasters under his wing.

He teaches our Indian Tea Masterclass.