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11th - 12th May 2017


9am - 5.30pm

The Market in the UK and elsewhere

Creating a Brand: How to develop a tea brand; finding your unique selling point; your product vision and positioning your brand in the market; things to consider i.e. packaging, concepts, range, accessories, etc.

Supply Chain: sourcing tea (wholesalers, private contract, etc); targeted product and services portfolio; establish pack formats, uses & limitations; evaluate outsourcing vs insourcing; organic, ETP and other certifications, etc; operational setup (people & activity management); storing tea and effective stock management; legals/what goes on pack/what you can and can't say); sourcing other items.

What do I charge?

Marketing and Communications: fundamentals of tea marketing e.g. marketing mix, which communication channels to consider for experience and marketing; connecting your brand and products to your audience; creating conversations and discovering which channels are right for you; website and social media, etc.

Business Plans and finances: basic business financial awareness (profit & loss, cash flow); establishing profitable pricing of products and services; key elements to a successful business plan; investment options.

Your Website


9am - 5.45pm

Location, premises, health & safety considerations
The menu and tea list, brewing equipment, water delivery systems, automatic brewing machines, teapots, etc.
Planning your premises for retail/ for catering/ for online and wholesale
Staff and staff training
Take-away, out-catering etc.
Special events, promotion, publicity, etc.

4.30pm – 5.45pm
Networking Session with tea business owners
Tea Mocktails will be served