Wu Yi Rock Tea Tasting – Rock Bone and Floral Fragrance, with Juyan Webster

Join our Chinese Tea tutor Juyan Webster to taste four Wuyi Rock Teas freshly sourced from her recent trip to China.

Tuesday 16th July 6pm
Zoom Webinar
Tickets from £30

Included in the ticket price is delivery of 4 teas to taste during the event.

Wu Yi rock tea, also known as Yan Cha, hails from the rugged and scenic Wu Yi Mountain in Fujian Province, China. This oolong tea is famous for Yan Gu Hua Xiang, which translates to “Rock Bone and Floral Fragrance”, to describe its rich flavour, complex aroma, and distinctive mineral notes, a result of the unique terroir of the region’s rocky cliffs.

There are hundreds of tea plant varietals and cultivars planted in rock gaps and surrounded by cliffs and lush vegetation. Distinguishing between the varietals of Wu Yi Oolongs is no easy feat but provides immense enjoyment and exploration for tea enthusiasts.

This tasting session will be a journey through layers of flavour and aroma, each infusion offering new discoveries. It’s a tea that demands attention and rewards the taster with a rich, complex, and deeply satisfying experience.

Included in the ticket price is delivery of 4 teas to taste during the event:

  1. Da Hong Pao (8g)
  2. Tie Luo Han (8g)
  3. Shui Jin Gui (8g)
  4. Rock Orchid (8g)

These teas have been sourced by Juyan personally on her very recent trip to China.

Juyan strongly recommends you brew by Gong Fu Tea method, using a Gaiwan or a small teapot (100ml) to allow for multiple infusions, each revealing different layers of flavour.

Ideal Brewing Equipment:
Gong Fu Tea Set: Gaiwan or teapot (100ml – 120ml), a pitcher (jug), small tasting cups (30ml)

What will I need?

  1. Your phone, computer or tablet to join the webinar via Zoom
  2. Brewing equipment (kettle, teapot etc.) and a surface on which to brew the teas during the webinar

Prices (Includes VAT and shipping costs)

  • UK: £30
  • International: £39

Restrictions apply for international postage, please click the ‘Non-UK’ button at the side of this page for more info

International bookings will close 3 weeks before the event, to allow time for shipment of teas. UK bookings close 1 week before the event.

Things to know

  • We cannot ship to PO Boxes
  • Once teas have been shipped, we cannot refund the ticket price if you cannot attend.

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