Wild, Ancient & Indigenous Tea - The Untold Story of Guizhou, China

Wednesday 2nd October 2019
6.30pm – 8.30pm

25 Lavington Street, London, SE1 0NZ

Join Rui Liu from Grass People Tree for an ancient tea ritual and let the untold story of tea slowly unfold.

This 2 hour tea experience shares 6 wild, indigenous and ancient teas that are made in tune with nature, including the green tea that never bitters, the 1500 years old indigenous black tea, the 17 years old Pu'er that was aged using the ancient way. You will also learn the extraordinary health benefits these teas bring and the 2500-years philosophy of tea-making. Join Rui on this journey and you will never think of tea in the same way.

About Rui

Rui Liu was born and raised in the wild and inaccessible mountains of Guizhou in southwest China, where the rich ecosystem and diverse ethnic tea cultures have remained unknown to the rest of the world for centuries. Having lived in London for 11 years, Rui has founded Grass People Tree to share the stories of her people and their unshakeable commitment to natural produce, traditions and craftsmanship.

Introducing Grass People Tree - watch the video

Places sell fast so book now to secure your place in our new studio for this special evening in our calendar of ‘Academy Extras’.

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Wild, Ancient & Indigenous Tea - The Untold Story of China’s Guizhou Province

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