Virtual Tea Party with Jane Pettigrew

Join an aficionado of Afternoon Tea

Tickets £25 each

You are invited into the living room of Jane Pettigrew to join in a virtual tea party. This is a great opportunity to understand how to present and enjoy a traditional English Afternoon Tea.  It is a highly engaging and interactive session, open to everyone so no prior UKTA qualification or course attendance is necessary.

It is recommended for people with a specific interest in the customs of Afternoon Tea and those who have taken any of Jane’s four webinars on the History & Etiquette of Afternoon Tea. This relaxed, informal session is also ideal for people all over the world who would like to meet Jane, having come across her in the media, or through one of the many books she has written on tea.

Jane will take tea in her living room at home using all her traditional tea wares. She will have ready a pot of tea, a selection of sandwiches, some scones, jam and clotted cream and a few small pastries.

She will position her computer so that those attending can see exactly how she has set the table and arranged the food; how she pours the tea; holds her cup; how she uses her small tea knife to eat the scones; and how she uses the small pastry fork to eat the pastries.

She will talk in detail about every stage of the experience and take questions from those attending after each section of the tea party.

This will be a fun but also instructional experience.

What will I need?

  1. Your phone, tablet or computer to join the webinar.
  2. OPTIONAL: Bring your favourite piece of teaware to show on screen.
  3. OPTIONAL: Prepare your own afternoon tea to enjoy during the party

Price: £25

This webinar will be held on Zoom. Please note that bookings close 2 hours before the start of the Webinar.

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