"Thank you! Had such a wonderful time on the course, really really thoroughly enjoyed it and it
was great to spend time with people who are so passionate about tea and the tea industry!"
Tamsin, UK

"I knew literally nothing about tea before this course so it’s a testament to the wonderful training we received!"
Stephanie (Daylesford UK – passed Tea Champion with 96%)

"Both Tea Champion & Tea Sommelier courses have changed my whole life. Now I'm planning to work at a tea estate in South Korea before I start a new business. Thanks to your great lecture, I am so happy and very confident. It is a great honour that I learned tea from you."
Daegi, Korea

"I know I speak for many others who were there when I say what a brilliant course it was. Admittedly I wasn't sure what to expect but it massively exceeded my expectations. I don't think I've ever left a training course before feeling so excited and motivated both to put some changes in at work but also to make this the start of further discoveries for me on a personal level."

"I really would like to thank you. The Tea Champion Course was really interesting and very well organised.
I really enjoyed the time I spent with the Tea Academy."
Tiziana, Fortnum & Mason, UK

"Jane, I've had the best couple of days, and to receive a mark like that in the test is the icing on the cake. I feel inspired, and committed to learning more. Your course is brilliantly pitched and delivered. What an engaging and brilliant tutor you are, as is Kate, and your wider team made us very welcome. Thank you."

"I would like to say such a huge thank you to you and Angela and the other 2 ladies who helped run the course. It was a fantastic 2 days, I learnt so much and it was wonderful to be around people who have such knowledge and passion for tea! Thank you!"

"I really can't thank you enough for such a stimulating experience.
Both yourself and Angela were hugely inspiring. I also hope to do further courses in the near future."

"It was a very enjoyable experience and I was honoured to be taught by such a great and passionate tea enthusiast
that has done so much for the tea industry, I will cherish this forever."

"Jane, Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge with us. I’ve been to a few different schools both in Brazil and Argentina, but I felt that I learned so much with the 2 days teaching with you, extremely inspirational. Your passion for tea reflects in your teaching and it was so easy to understand and to embrace the tea universe. Feeling very grateful to have had this opportunity. Thanks to all the UKTA staff. I’m hoping to be back next year for the Sommelier Course."
Raquel, Brazil

"My sons Filip and Urh received their Tea Champion certificates today. We are all very proud of them. I have to say that they returned absolutely thrilled from London. For me as a parent it was the greatest reward. I would like to thank you for your kindness and all the valuable knowledge you passed on them. They share common passion towards tea and it is so nice to see that it was acknowledged and recognised by such an expert as you are. We have now a variety of tea at home - close to a little tea house. I am positive that if not sooner, next summer they will attend sommelier course - they talk of nothing else."
Vid Burnik, proud father of Filip and Urh who are now both UKTA qualified Tea Sommeliers

"I attended the Tea Champion course this Friday and Saturday and had an amazing time. The course was very interesting and so informative, I can't believe how much I learnt over the 2 days. Thank you so much to Jane and Angela for their wonderful instruction, they were both very inspiring, and a huge thank you to Carri and the brewing team for the delicious teas we tasted."
Valerie, UK

"Thank you so much for sharing your profound expertise on tea. I can not express how grateful I am."
Martine, UKTA qualified Tea Sommelier, Belgium

"Might I take a moment to compliment you personally on your wonderful syllabus and teachings.
I have genially recommended it to three people so far."
Alex, UK



"What an amazing course it was. I feel very fortunate to have had the experience and thanks to you
for incorporating it into the tea academy."

"I loved every minute of the course and am simply buzzing from ideas and learnings. Alex Probyn is an absolute
authority and such a wonderful environment and team for the course to be undertaken."

"Alex and his team are brilliant. A wonderful experience I'll recommend to my colleagues in Spain."