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This is a very high level and intense course and demands a commitment of at least  84 hours (12 x 7 hour modules), plus self study. To become a Tea Master, participants will be expected to have visited at least one tea estate during their study period.

All participants of the Tea Master course must complete the 8 compulsory CORE MODULES (see below) and 4 additional modules selected from the list of elective modules (see below).

COST:  £500 + VAT per module
If you have previously qualified as a UK TEA SOMMELIER with us, each module can be booked for £300 + VAT. You must book directly with us by sending an email to info@ukteaacademy.com to get this special price. Do not book online through Eventbrite.

Anyone not aiming for Tea Master certification may book a place at any of the modules listed below:


Chinese Tea Masterclass - Read more about this module

Japanese Tea Masterclass - Read more about this module

Taiwanese Tea Masterclass - Read more about this module

Indian Tea Masterclass (Course details coming soon)

Ceylon Tea Masterclass  - Read more about this module

Nepali, Korean and Vietnamese Tea Masterclass - (Course details coming soon)

Advanced Tasting Skills - Read more about this module

Tea Science and Health (Course details coming soon)


Dark Teas Masterclass (Course details coming soon)

African and Indonesian Tea Masterclass

Emerging Tea Producing Regions

The Tea Plant and the Cultivation of Tea - Read more about this module

World Tea History

The History of Tea Drinking in Britain and Afternoon Tea

The Ethics and Logistics of the Tea Trade - Read more about this module

Tea and Mixology

Tea and Chinese Medicine

Tea Rituals Around the World

Tea Manufacture

Chinese and Japanese Tea Rituals - Read more about this module


Tea Master Examinations covering the different topics will be held on selected dates throughout the year. Dates will be announced in due course.  Exams will consist of 3 hour written papers on each of the different topics and will be marked by the individual specialists who deliver the modules. The level of knowledge must be very high in order to pass these exams.