Tuesday 21st January 2020
6.30 - 8.30pm

25 Lavington Street, London, SE1 0NZ

£25 per ticket (Incl. VAT)

Tea & Cheese might just be the best kept secret taste sensation. More than just flavour combinations that you get with other ‘Cheese &’ pairings, when paired with Tea, the cheeses not only take on new flavorous in the mouth with each sip of tea but even textures change and develop. Add to this a perfectly clean and refreshed palate for each consecutive pairing experience and you really do have a match made in heaven.

Drawing from a wide experience of pairing Teas and Cheeses, Kyle will share six of his favourite pairings over the evening. Expect taste sensations that’ll leave you wondering why you never tried this before.

About Kyle: Kyle Whittington has run numerous tea tastings and pairing events over the last 6 years and was the first to run monthly tea & cheese tastings for several years in London. He has also ran afternoon teas and tea supper clubs. He now mostly focuses his time on his Japanese Tea Ceremony practice and is currently launching an online Tea Book Club.


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