Research on water for tea

A team from The UK Tea Academy have been working closely with BRITA to find the perfect water for tea.  BRITA has been our partner since we launched The UKTA in 2016 and have provided the filters for all our training courses as freshly drawn, cold, Brita-filtered water is an essential part of getting the best from the tea leaves.

Filtering water through a standard BRITA filter improves the clarity, aroma and flavour of tea, but we want to go further. Because the composition of water varies significantly according to the region and the company that treats and supplies the water, the taste of the water changes and it has a huge impact on the taste of tea.

So what is the best water for tea? What is the perfect pH for tea? Which key minerals do we want to retain in the water and in what proportions to make the best tea? We know that the best water for coffee is NOT the best water for tea. The coffee industry have spent years with RO (Reverse Osmosis), tweaking filters to deliver their perfect water, but the finest water for coffee generally delivers a flat, insipid tea brew and doesn't draw out the more complex tea flavours.

That's why Jane Pettigrew and a team from The UKTA are heading to BRITA HQ in Germany for a research trip. Working with Birgit Kohler, Brita’s Resident Water Sommelier,in the controlled environment of the BRITA lab, we will explore a number of different waters with varying pH and mineral content and compare them for aroma, taste, clarity, colour,etc for the different teas.

This is a project that will eventually give a baseline for water for tea - and a BRITA product exclusively developed for tea.

We will update you here after the research trip and, as soon as the results and analysis are available, we will publish them on our Academy Insights page.

Research on water for tea

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