Jane Pettigrew
Course Director and Tutor

Jane Pettigrew has worked in the tea industry for over 30 years. She teaches tea masterclasses all over the world and has written 16 books on tea. In 2014 she was voted Best Tea Educator at the World Tea Awards and in January 2016 was awarded the British Empire Medal for services to Tea Production and Tea History in the UK's New Year Honours list.

The courses have been written by Jane and are delivered by her and an experienced team of top tea professionals, certified by the UK TEA ACADEMY.

Angela Pryce

A renowned tea expert, Angela runs an independent consultancy service for businesses across the globe. With over 16 years experience, Angela has travelled and tasted her way around many of the world's tea estates and much of her career has been with speciality tea company Twinings, where she worked as a master tea buyer and blender. Angela writes about tea, and is frequently interviewed on international TV and radio.

Juyan Webster

Juyan Webster is the owner and founder of the The Chinese Tea Company in London. Growing up in Zhejiang Province, which is one of the most important provinces of China in tea production, Juyan was surrounded by tea and tea culture. Her family grew tea on their land where, as a child, she worked alongside her mother, picking and processing tea. It was this upbringing that shaped a passion for tea and her vast knowledge of tea production.

Alex Probyn

Alex joined the tea industry in the late 90s as a buyer for Tetley although having taught children of tea pickers in Nepal at the age of 19 it wasn’t his first foray into the world of tea. Alex spent seven years at Tetley working in the tea buying and blending department before setting up his own tea company - Blends For Friends - in 2006. Using his skills as a Master Blender, Alex and his team source, create and pack bespoke blends for individuals and speciality tea businesses all over the world. Alex has visited over 150 tea and herb estates in all the major tea growing regions and has given masterclasses on tea in over 20 countries.

Asako Steward
Tutor / UK Tea Academy Authorised Trainer, Japan

Asako has been running independent courses about tea in the UK and Japan for the past 20 years. She is a Qualified Senior Tea Instructor with the Japan Tea Association (for black tea) and a Nihon-cha instructor (certified by the Nihoncha Instructor Association in Japan to help promote education and consumption of Japanese green tea). She was appointed Japan Tea Ambassador to the UK in 2017 and established Tea Academy Japan in 2018.

Carri Hecks
Course Manager, Head Brewer and Tutor

Carri came to the world of speciality tea by way of Petersham Nurseries, where she met and worked on tea events with Jennifer Wood of Canton Tea Co. She is the UK Tea Academy Course Manager and Head Brewer, brewing teas for all the Academy courses, and has an in-depth knowledge of this fascinating world.


Kate Popham

Kate’s passion for all things tea has led to her working and travelling to explore all aspects of the tea world. From sourcing, tasting, blending and marketing, to working on tea farms in India and Japan, Kate is a seasoned tea traveller and has written extensively about the subject. She specialises in Japanese tea.

Domenico Gradia

Domenico is a Tea Sommelier and a British Tea Culture Historian, specialising in Afternoon Tea Etiquette and tailor-made Tea sessions particularly for professionals working within the luxury hospitality sector, where he spent more than three years as Head Tea Sommelier, Tea and Brand Ambassador, and Tea Training Manager in the Diamond Jubilee Tea salon at Fortnum and Mason. He lead the team of the Tea Salon at Fortnum's to win the Best Tea Service at the Afternoon Tea Awards in 2017.

Beverly-Claire Wainwright
UK Tea Academy Authorised Trainer

Beverly (The Scottish Tea Factory, Tea Gardens of Scotland) offers the UK Tea Academy Tea Champion course at the Scottish Tea Factory near Crieff in Perthshire, which she recently built to offer tea-processing services for Scottish tea growers. She has worked with tea since 2011 when she was called in to develop the Amba tea estate in Sri Lanka. She transformed this struggling garden producing no tea into a thriving estate making beautiful handmade teas and other items to provide sustainable livelihoods for its workers. As a tea cultivation and processing expert, she has since worked as an associate with Teacraft Ltd. advising amongst others, The Great Mississippi Tea Co. and is now an independent consultant offering advice to small-scale tea producers worldwide.