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Tea Foundation

Who is it for?

This course is suitable for those already working in the F&B and hospitality sectors,  as well as tea fans who want a deeper understanding of the history, culture, manufacturing and trends of their favourite beverage.

The student needs to commit at least 12 hours of study to this course, which is delivered as four units where each unit is expected to require 3 hours of dedicated study time.

What does it cover?

Leading groups such as Fortnum & Mason, Café Royal and Mandarin Oriental have been dependant on the UK Tea Academy’s courses for many years, sending delegates to the Academy’s classroom courses that have been created and led by Jane Pettigrew, the world’s most expert tea educator. 

This course delivers the theoretical elements of the Level 1 Tea Champion course. The student can progress at their own pace regardless of time zone, learning through a range of independent activities supported by videos, worksheets and quizzes.

You will learn:

* About the history of tea; the plant, and harvesting the leaf

* Tea terminology

* About trends behind different types of tea

* The difference in tea manufacturing methods for the 6 categories of tea

* The golden rules of tea storage and brewing

* How to approach the challenges of brewing and serving a variety of teas

* About caffeine, L-theanine and the perceived health benefits of tea

What will I need?

There are no required practical elements in this online course and therefore no specialist equipment or tea is needed. The keen student may of course choose to source their own tea varieties to further enjoy different teas and apply what has been learnt from this Tea Foundation course, although we strongly recommend that you consider attending a practical one-day course in the UK Tea Academy’s classroom where you will learn how to taste tea, practise brewing, taste more than 40 teas from all 6 categories, learn to recognise different leaf grades, and explore the basics of blending with our expert tutors.

Further training

Successful completion of the online Tea Foundation course will earn the student credit towards a Level 1 Tea Champion course. The student may opt to attend the entire Tea Champion course over two days or a one-day practical ‘upgrade’ course with our expert trainers in London, to then qualify for the Tea Champion certification.  Completion of the Tea Champion practical elements is a mandatory entry requirement for UKTA’s Level 2 Tea Sommelier course.


Further Advice

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Foot note:

i) UKTA online courses are only offered in English.


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