Tea, Science and Health

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Price: £295

Includes a one-hour Q&A session with course author Dr Tim Bond and a digital certificate upon completion.

Tea, Science and Health

Tea and Science

Tea, Science and Health

A unique course containing well-researched and rigorously refereed content, exploring the science behind tea and tea’s health benefits. Written by scientist Dr Tim Bond who has over 20 years experience in Tea, from laboratory based-analysis to factory production.


This online Masterclass is for anyone who would like to learn about the compounds that make up tea and what effects they can have on our health. Tea enthusiasts will gain in depth knowledge of tea chemistry, food and beverage professionals and natural health practitioners will be able to comprehensively answer questions from clients, and anyone with a general interest in science and wellness will discover fascinating insights into what the Camellia sinensis plant can (and can’t) do for your mind and body.

Our online masterclasses are open to anyone. If you are working towards a final Level Three qualification but you have not yet achieved your Level Two Tea Sommelier qualification (as so far it is only available in the classroom), you will still receive a credit towards the Masterclass qualification.


The course contains a detailed look at polyphenols (e.g. flavonoids, catechins, EGCG), amino acids, caffeine, antioxidants and the other main components of tea. You will learn how these compounds are altered by different manufacturing and brewing processes, giving rise to the wide variety of flavours found in green, black, white and oolong teas.

The module also looks at the beneficial health impacts that come from drinking tea, examining evidence that shows it can contribute to the maintenance of good health and help prevent conditions such as stroke, heart disease and diabetes. Less scientifically valid claims and commonly heard myths are also discussed. 


Just your computer/phone. There are no required practical elements in this online course and therefore no specialist equipment or tea is needed.


If you wish to continue studying to become a Tea Master, you will need to take further courses at this level and you must have already completed both Level One and Level Two before the final qualification can be awarded. 

Tea, Science and Health

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Once you have enrolled, you will have access to the online course for 120 days.

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