From Tea Seed to Cup: How to grow and hand process tea on a small scale

A video masterclass course filmed with the Scottish Tea Factory


This online self-study course is open for enrolment at any time.

From Tea Seed to Cup: How to grow and hand process tea on a small scale

CLICK HERE to watch a free preview video of the course

Seed to Cup

'Beverly explains in a clear and entertaining way, step by step, the process of growing tea plants, followed by the processing of the fresh leaves into tea. The videos and materials are extraordinary and illustrate the whole process very well, making it understandable and clear. A real luxury to be able to enjoy from home, at my own speed, all the knowledge she transmits. I can't wait to travel to Scotland and visit the tea gardens.'
Sonia Ferrer

'An extremely enjoyable course, presented with contagious enthusiasm! Excellent step by step videos and thorough handouts…on the growing and processing of high quality teas, which are hard to find to this high standard. Highly recommended for anyone growing tea on a small scale in marginal conditions or otherwise.'
Islay Roberts

How it works

This Masterclass comprises 3 hours of teaching video by tea expert Beverly-Claire Wainwright of the Scottish Tea Factory.

Each chapter includes video as well as presentation slides; providing a truly engaging and multi-media in-depth course.

Chapter handouts are available to download for further self-study. The course will be available to each enrolled student for a period of 120 days from the date of enrolment.

Who is it for?

This course is ideal for anyone interested in growing tea from seed and learning how to manufacture both black and green teas in marginal conditions.

Completion of this masterclass will count as one credit towards our Level 3 Tea Master qualification.

Our online masterclasses are open to anyone. If you are working towards a final Level Three qualification but you have not yet achieved your Level Two Tea Sommelier qualification (as so far it is only available in the classroom), you will still receive a credit towards the Masterclass qualification.

What does it cover?

The Masterclass is divided into three chapters, each containing video, written lessons and downloads.

  • Chapter 1: Tea Growing from Seed
  • Chapter 2: Black Tea Making
  • Chapter 3: Green Tea Making

What will I need?

Just your computer or tablet. There are no required practical elements in this online course although we are sure you will be keen to plant or pluck your own tea after studying with Beverly.

About the tutor

Beverly Wainwright has been working in the tea industry for 10 years. Her journey started in Sri Lanka where she set up the first micro scale tea factory and helped the estate develop a line of exclusive hand-made teas for sale to premium partners in the UK. Since then she has worked as an advisor – helping international tea companies win global awards, and has set up two further small scale tea factories.

In 2018, Beverly was awarded a grant to help her build the first small scale tea factory in Scotland. The Scottish Tea Factory, recently featured on the BBC, has a membership scheme for Scottish tea growers and provides processing services and advice.

Beverly’s philosophy when creating a new tea is to develop flavours and processing methods that suit the plants and the terroir. She is passionate about transparency in the tea industry and has worked on a research project with Aberdeen University and Tea Gardens of Scotland to find a testing method that can prove the provenance of true Scottish grown teas.

As a licensed trainer for the U.K. Tea Academy, Beverly runs accredited tea courses and training for professionals in the food and drink industry as well as running tea experiences for the general public.

Further training

If you wish to continue studying to become a Tea Master, you will need to take further courses at this level and you must have already completed both Level One and Level Two before the final qualification can be awarded. 

From Tea Seed to Cup: How to grow and hand process tea on a small scale

CLICK HERE to watch a free preview video of the course

Further Advice

Once you have enrolled, you will have access to the online course for 120 days.

For any enquiries regarding this course please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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