The rituals of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, also called “Chado” or “Chano-yu” can seem to the outsider to be cloaked in mystery, and can be difficult to understand, even for the Japanese themselves.

This masterclass, led by Asako Steward, qualified Nihon-cha (Japanese Tea) Instructor and Japan Tea Ambassador to the UK, will introduce you to Chado and de-mystify the traditions of tea ceremony, Matcha and Gyokuro.

You will learn the philosophy behind Chado, and how it developed - and you will also learn how to simply enjoy Matcha in modern life. Asako will introduce the way to enjoy matcha and all about its grades, how they are made and how to use them in variations of sweets and drinks.

Yukiko from Ura-senke (Chado Tea School) will come in to perform Chabako Temae (a variation of the tea ceremony) and you will also prepare a bowl of matcha in the most traditional way - to get hands on experience.

There will also be a demonstration and practice on preparing Gyokuro, the most exclusive Sencha in Japan.

Class synopsis:
History and philosophy of Chado
How Chado is performed on various occasions
Learning about various utensils for Chado
How matcha is made and the different grades: tasting
Demonstration of Chabako Temae by Yukiko from Ura-senke
Practice preparing matcha in traditional way
Japanese Sweets: tasting and a short talk from Chieko, a traditional Japanese Sweet maker
What is Gyokuro?
How to brew and enjoy Gyokuro
Practice preparing Gyokuro

Asako has been running independent courses about tea in the UK and Japan for the past 20 years. She is a Qualified Senior Tea Instructor with the Japan Tea Association (for black tea) and a Nihon-cha instructor (certified by the Nihoncha Instructor Association in Japan to help promote education and consumption of Japanese green tea). She was appointed Japan Tea Ambassador to the UK in 2017 and established Tea Academy Japan in 2018.