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• The history of Japanese Tea
• Where the tea plant grows in Japan, climate, soil, cultivars, etc.
• How tea plants are grown for the production of different types of Japanese tea using shading, direct cover, no shading, etc.
• The harvesting method in Japan
• The manufacture of Sencha, Hojicha, Genmaicha, Gyokuro, Tama-ryokucha, Tencha, Matcha, Japanese black teas, post-fermented teas such as Batabata Cha and Awa-Bancha, and various other teas
• The sorting process of Japanese teas
• Tasting various types of Japanese tea
• The science of green tea
• How to brew different types of Japanese tea using different tea wares
• Water temperature and tea
• Taste teas brewed with different temperatures
• Brewing vessels for different type of teas and how to look after them
• Brewing practice
• How to store Japanese teas
• Green tea and health
• Using green tea for cooking, what grade should you use?
• Major tea producing regions and their specific ‘brand’ teas (eg Sonogi-cha from Nagasaki. Uji-cha from Kyoto, etc.)
• How to brew, taste and evaluate Japanese teas like professional Japanese tasters