Japanese Tea Masterclass



• The history of Japanese Tea
• Where the tea plant grows in Japan, climate, soil, cultivars, etc.
• How tea plants are grown for the production of different types of Japanese tea using shading, direct cover, no shading, etc.
• The harvesting method in Japan
• The manufacture of Sencha, Hojicha, Genmaicha, Gyokuro, Tama-ryokucha, Tencha, Matcha, Japanese black teas, post-fermented teas such as Batabata Cha and Awa-Bancha, and various other teas
• The sorting process of Japanese teas
• Tasting various types of Japanese tea
• The science of green tea
• How to brew different types of Japanese tea using different tea wares
• Water temperature and tea
• Taste teas brewed with different temperatures
• Brewing vessels for different type of teas and how to look after them
• Brewing practice
• How to store Japanese teas
• Green tea and health
• Using green tea for cooking, what grade should you use?
• Major tea producing regions and their specific ‘brand’ teas (eg Sonogi-cha from Nagasaki. Uji-cha from Kyoto, etc.)
• How to brew, taste and evaluate Japanese teas like professional Japanese tasters.

Asako is one of the tutoring team for the UK Tea Academy. She has been running independent courses about tea in the UK and Japan for the past 20 years. She is a Qualified Senior Tea Instructor with the Japan Tea Association (for black tea) and a Nihon-cha instructor (certified by the Nihoncha Instructor Association in Japan to help promote education and consumption of Japanese green tea). She was appointed Japan Tea Ambassador to the UK in 2017.