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Intensive 3 hour course held on site

Tutor: Domenico Gradia, Tea Sommelier & British Tea Culture Historian

This is an intensive three hour course exclusively designed for professionals working in the hospitality sector, dealing with Afternoon Tea and Tea service experience within luxury or 5 star establishments.

The aim of the course is to enrich and strengthen knowledge of this more and more fashionable beverage, and give trainees the skills needed to make a real difference and be more competitive by delivering the best Tea service experience, according to each single customer’s needs.


• The origin of the Tea plant, its main varieties, and the most important producing regions in the world.
• The different types of Tea and what makes them different – Tea manufacturing.
• Rare Teas vs Blended Teas – Loose Leaf vs Tea Bags – Flavoured Teas and Herbal Infusions.
• The Teas on the menu: which Teas are which category (including any flavoured Teas and any Herbals).
• Sensory evaluation of each Tea on the menu: how to describe and recommend to customers.
• All about perfect brewing.
• Tea, caffeine and health benefits: answering customers’ questions.

At the end of the session, after a final questionnaire, all participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance, awarded by the UK TEA Academy.


Should any student who has taken this course wish to continue learning with us, a 10% discount will be offered when booking any of the regular scheduled courses offered by the academy.


Domenico Gradia is a Tea Sommelier and a British Tea Culture Historian, specialising in Afternoon Tea Etiquette and tailor-made Tea sessions particularly for professionals working within the luxury hospitality sector, where he spent more than three years as Head Tea Sommelier, Tea and Brand Ambassador, and Tea Training Manager in the Diamond Jubilee Tea salon at Fortnum and Mason. He lead the team of the Tea Salon at Fortnum's to win the Best Tea Service at the Afternoon Tea Awards in 2017.


Price per 3 hour course: £599 + VAT

• Maximum number of attendees: 10 (translating to a price per person of £59.90+VAT per head) 
• Minimum number of attendees: N/A
• Extra charges: Transport costs (only if located outside of London). Special teas (if requested)

To book your in-house training, please email