Five of Taiwan’s Rare & Special Teas, with Chau-Jean Lin

Wednesday 7th September, 7pm to 8.30pm (GMT)
Zoom Webinar.

This event with Chau-Jean is an opportunity for you to further explore Taiwanese teas beyond your typical jade oolongs, baked Dong Dings, and Ruby 18. You will have a chance to taste and learn about a number of handpicked teas including: Gunko tea, Organic GABA tea, Wild and Ancient Black tea, Hong Yun No 21 Black tea. You will also be able to try a 10-year old Aged and Baked Four Seasons Oolong tea. 

Tickets: from £36.90

Samples of 5 Taiwanese teas will be sent out to those who book so that you can brew and taste with Chau-Jean during the webinar.

Don’t miss this opportunity to taste 5 of Taiwan’s rarer teas.

Chau-Jean Lin will explain where and how the following teas are made:

  1. Handpicked Gunko Tea
  2. Handpicked Organic GABA Tea
  3. Handpicked Wild and Ancient Black Tea
  4. Handpicked Hong Yun No 21 Tea
  5. 10-year old Aged and Baked Four Seasons Oolong Tea

Chau-Jean says: “I am pleased to have this chance to share these less commonly known teas, especially Gunko tea.  I spent several years looking for that particular tea.  Gunko tea had been popular more than 40 years ago but had fallen out of fashion.  I asked tea associations and clubs throughout Taiwan, the directors of the Taiwanese tea research institutes, and people in the industry.  No one knew where to find it.  Finally, my parents came across Gunko tea farmers right before Covid while visiting my family in Southern Taiwan.

Along with learning more about the history of these teas, Chau-Jean will give you tips for those who might want to brew them using gongfu cha style. It will be a lovely evening with a variety of teas from different regions of the island.  

What will I need?

  1. Your phone, computer or tablet to join the webinar via Zoom
  2. Brewing equipment (kettle, teapot etc.) and a surface on which to brew the teas during the webinar

Prices (Includes VAT and shipping costs)

  • UK – £36.90
  • EU – £39.90
  • USA – £44.70
  • Rest of World – please contact us for pricing

Please note, international bookings close 3 weeks before the event, to allow for packing and postage of teas

Things to know

  • We cannot ship to PO Boxes
  • Once teas have been shipped, we cannot refund the ticket price if you cannot attend.

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