Dark Tea Masterclass



This Course is all about Dark Teas including Puer Tea, Hunan Fu Zhuan, Liu Bao Cha, Sichuan Bian Cha and Hubei Qing Zhuan Cha. We will discuss the origin of dark tea, the different producing regions, the cultivars - wild tea trees or cultivated tea bushes, the different shapes, the main mountains and factories that produce Dark Teas.

The topics covered will include:

  • The history of Dark Tea
  • How Dark tea was invented
  • The three main producing regions of Puer teas - the six Great Tea Mountains and the six famous mountains now
  • The manufacture of Puer Tea, Hunan Fu Zhuan, Liu Bao Cha, Sichuan Tibet Tea and Hubei Qing Zhuan Cha
  • The difference between Raw Puer and Cooked Puer
  • Microbial change from Raw Puer to Cooked Puer
  • What is “Wo Dui”
  • The production of Hunan Fu Zhuan, Liu Bao Cha, Sichuan Bian Cha, Hubei Qing Zhuan Cha
  • How the tea is compressed to various shapes
  • How the tea is packed
  • How to brew dark tea - traditional Gong Fu Tea style
  • Tasting notes of teas from different regions, different age, different cultivars
  • Introducing different brewing methods by different people
  • How to age and storage, what is the ideal storage environment
  • Judging the quality and aging
  • Dark tea and health

Juyan is a member of the UK Tea Academy tutor team. She is the owner and founder of the The Chinese Tea Company in London. Growing up in Zhejiang Province, which is one of the most important provinces of China in tea production, Juyan was surrounded by tea and tea culture. Her family grew tea on their land where, as a child, she worked alongside her mother, picking and processing tea. It was this upbringing that shaped a passion for tea and her vast knowledge of tea production.