LIVE WEBINAR - Creative Cocktails and Marvellous Mocktails

Get Tea curious with Carri Hecks

Thursday 15th July 18:30 - 20:00 (GMT)

Tickets from £24 each


Join UK Tea Academy Head Brewer and chief cocktail curator, Carri Hecks, for a fun and interactive evening of tea-based cocktails and mocktails. We’ll be mixing refreshing drinks for the summer to sip whilst you dream of that holiday abroad you hope to take in the not too distant future!

Carri will be mixing up three different creations – along with non-alcoholic versions, all with a tea twist. Choose from a Matcha Mint Julep, a T-winkle and a new creation in honour of our esteemed director of studies – The Lady Jane Pettibrew (see what we did there?). Or join in with friends and mix all three!

Ticket options include attendance only, or attendance with delivery of Carri's specially selected teas. You will be sent enough to make each drink - hopefully also with a little left over to try again during the summer months.

So don’t delay, book your ticket for this informal and inspiring session, either as a spectator or to mix along with Carri. All the teas will be sent to you in advance, together with recipes, instructions and a list of equipment required.


This Academy Extra webinar will be held on the Zoom platform, ending with time for questions.

Please note that bookings close 2 hours before the start of the Webinar.



* UK - with ingredients: £36 (bookings close 6th July)

* EU - with ingredients: £42 (bookings close 30th June)

* Rest of World - with ingredients: £45 (bookings close 25th June)

* Attendance only: £24 (bookings open until 2 hours before the event)



1. Your phone, tablet or computer to join the webinar.

2. If attending with ingredients, you will need some advance preparation and additional equipment for mixing these special drinks:

Matcha Mint Julep: no advance preparation needed, but you will need to have available mint, sugar, lemon juice. For the cocktail version you will also require Bourbon whiskey.  

T-Twinkle: at least 2 hours infusion time is required in advance as well as making a simple syrup (one hour). For the mocktail you will need some sparkling water/tonic water or alcohol-free sparkling wine. The cocktail version will require vodka or gin, plus some sparkling wine.  

Lady Jane Pettibrew: at least 2 hours infusion time is required in advance, as well as making a simple syrup (one hour). This drink has no mocktail version but we will send you the tea and rose congou so that you can experiment yourself or gift to a friend together with the recipe! The full cocktail version will require red vermouth, lemon juice and a spirit for infusing.  

All participants will need a glass (or 3!), measuring jug, wooden spoon, ice, optional salt and a cocktail shaker if you have one.  

One week before the event, you will receive a reminder notice from us with the list of items needed. Three days before the event, you will receive simple instructions for preparing your infusions and syrup. For everything else, Carri will talk and walk you through the process during the evening. 

Happy mixing!



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