Join Chinese tea specialist  Juyan to experience and participate in the Chinese tea ritual of Gong Fu Cha - the traditional way of tea brewing that involves the ritual preparation and presentation of tea.

This class will introduce you to what Gong Fu Cha is, why a tea needs to be brewed in this way, what the basic teawares and tools are, and their functions.

You will get plenty of practice on how to conduct a Gong Fu Cha brewing step by step. And you will share your brews with your team members to compare how different a tea can taste when brewed by different people.


Gong Fu Tea basics
Variables that affect the final taste of a tea
What are the essential elements of conducting a Gong Fu Cha?
What are the basic teawares?
Learn how to use the teawares
How to use a Gaiwan
How to use a teapot
The fundamental steps of Gong Fu Cha
We will practise how to conduct Gong Fu step by step
Learn how to brew a Green Tea
Learn how to brew a White Tea
Learn how to brew an Oolong Tea
Learn how to brew a Black Tea
Learn how to brew a Puer Tea
How to serve tea to your friends and guests


Juyan Webster is the owner and founder of the The Chinese Tea Company in London. Growing up in Zhejiang Province, which is one of the most important provinces of China in tea production, Juyan was surrounded by tea and tea culture. Her family grew tea on their land where, as a child, she worked alongside her mother, picking and processing tea. It was this upbringing that shaped a passion for tea and her vast knowledge of tea production.