Chinese Tea Masterclass



Juyan Webster is the owner and founder of the The Chinese Tea Company in London. Growing up in Zhejiang Province, which is one of the most important provinces of China in tea production, Juyan was surrounded by tea and tea culture. Her family grew tea on their land where, as a child, she worked alongside her mother, picking and processing tea. It was this upbringing that shaped a passion for tea and her vast knowledge of tea production.

COURSE DETAILS: In this masterclass, we will mainly focus on five categories of Chinese Teas: Green, White, Yellow, Oolong and Black Tea, and the introduction of Dark Tea. We will explore each category in-depth:

Green Tea
  • The harvesting and processing methods for Green tea
  • How to measure quality when buying Chinese Green Tea
  • How to brew and taste Chinese Green Tea
  • How to judge the new and old season of Green Tea
White Tea
  • The origin of White Tea
  • The cultivar for making White Tea
  • The different varieties of White Teas
  • Tasting and comparing the different grades of White Tea
  • How to age white teas
Yellow Tea
  • What is Yellow Tea
  • The main regions for producing Yellow teas
  • Tasting Yellow Tea
Oolong Tea
  • What is Oolong tea
  • Introducing the different varieties of Oolongs and the main producing regions
  • The differences of Tie Guan Yin, Wu Yi Rock Tea and Phoenix Dan Cong
  • What are the key factors for judging the quality
  • Tasting and comparing side by side for different grade of oolongs
  • How to brew and appreciate Oolong teas
Black Tea
  • What is Chinese black tea
  • The different varieties and regions
  • What is the original Lapsang Souchong and how is it made
  • How to judge the quality and appreciate a fine Black tea