An Evening of Darjeeling Tea with Kevin Gascoyne

Thursday 9th June, 7pm to 8.45pm (GMT)
Zoom Webinar.
Tickets: £18 (+ price of teas)
This event is open to everyone.

Find out what’s happening in Darjeeling this year – and optionally taste a selection of 2022 First Flush Darjeeling teas that have been carefully chosen by Kevin Gascoyne for his company Camellia Sinensis Teahouse in Montreal, available to you at a special price for this event.

There is the option to buy 5 samples of Darjeeling tea from Kevin’s company, Camellia Sinensis Montreal, to brew and taste during the webinar.

UPDATE: The teas have arrived with Kevin and the five that he will be brewing and tasting during the webinar are: 

4 First Flush teas from this year’s harvest
1 Second Flush (from 2021)

Once you have booked the webinar you will be sent a promo code for 15% off the teas. Last recommended ordering date for teas (if you live outside Canada, where the teas will be shipped from) is midnight on Thursday 19th May. After this you can still book the event (and even order the teas if you wish) but you may not receive the teas in time to brew along with Kevin.

NB:The purchase of teas for the event is optional. So if you don’t have time to receive the teas before the event, or simply prefer to listen to the event while drinking your own tea, no problem! All are welcome. 

An enlightening and informative event hosted by the UKTA with guest Kevin Gascoyne for an evening of Darjeeling information and tasting.

For the full tasting experience of the Darjeeling First Flush Teas that will be featured in Kevin’s webinar, we have arranged a mail order option for the teas featured.

After booking your place for the event you will be given a promo code to order them at a discount price by mail.

Camellia Sinensis is Kevin’s tea company that supplies tea stores, famous restaurants and private clients all over the globe from their headquarters in Montreal, Canada. The promo code will give you a 15% discount on the teas featured during the session and will also allow you to stock up on any of the other excellent teas in the Camellia Sinensis catalogue at the same discount price.




About Kevin

Kevin Gascoyne co-owns, runs and shop-keeps the award winning Camellia Sinensis teahouses and Tea Schools of Montréal and Québec City. He and his fellow tasters travel to the tea gardens of Asia every year to source their internationally renowned selection of fine teas and collectibles. The stores have one of the largest premium tea catalogues in North America.

Kevin is a specialist in black tea and his travels have taken him on a pilgrimage to find the very best. He has been buying tea in Asia since 1989 and, since 1993, every spring (except the past two Covid years) has found him up in the Himalayas, obsessively sourcing the finest seasonal leaves of the region. Over the years his passion for the black teas of India has spread to the plantations of many other countries, including Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, USA and various African countries.

He is also a founding partner of the Tea Studio project in Nilgiri, southern India (UK Tea Academy features some of Tea Studio’s teas in its classes).

Kevin has also written for publications all over the World and still pops up in various publications. He is co-author of a couple of prize-winning tea books, including Tea, History, Terroirs, Varieties (which was voted World’s Best Tea Book 2014 by the industry at the World Tea Awards and published in 5 languages). He is also a founding partner of Tea Journey Magazine and is also a director of the Canadian Tea and Herbal Association and recently launched the Tea Masters Cup competition in Canada. His colleagues claim that Kevin’s daily tea consumption compares to the flow of some small rivers.

What will I need?

  1. Your phone, computer or tablet to join the webinar via Zoom
  2. Brewing equipment (kettle, teapot etc.) and a surface on which to brew the teas during the webinar

Prices (Includes VAT)

  • £18 + cost of teas from Camellia Sinensis Montreal

Things to know

  • Teas cannot be shipped to PO Boxes

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