Advanced Tea Tasting Masterclass



Sensory analysis and the language of taste, is a vital skill to have in the tea industry. In Advanced Tasting you will gain valuable knowledge of the 120 most commonly used tea descriptors. We will look at the 10 categories of Tea Descriptions - colour, brightness, clarity, quality, mouthfeel, contaminations, infusion, dry leaf appearance, taste and origin specific flavour. You will leave with the tools to taste differences in region and altitude, and to confidently describe what you are tasting - join us for what will be a day of sensory delight!
• Theoretical principles
• What is sensory analysis?
• Why is sensory important in tea?
• Brew a speciality vs. mainstream tea, discuss and acknowledge differences
• How we taste
• Olfactory, taste and flavour
• Fruit pastel taste test(?)
• The 5 basic tastes
• The importance of using a consistent standardised language
• Key terminology / sensory vocabulary used
• Positive and negative key terms
• The 10 categories of tea descriptions
• For each category, the most common tea descriptors and what they mean
• Define colour, brightness and clarity in tea
• Define mouthfeel in tea (using milk vs. water to illustrate)
• Define dry leaf appearance (dry leaf batch to illustrate key terms)
• Define origin specific flavour (taste an origin batch 10-12 teas together using the descriptors as an aid)
• Define contaminations in tea
• Define quality and infusion in tea (comparing a poor vs. excellent quality tea - use all senses to assess dry leaf, liquor and infusion)
• Other terms defined as taste
• For each category, the most common tea descriptors and what they mean
• Recap on brewing technique
• Assessing the dry leaf, liquor and infusion
• Sensory equipment
• The core equipment for tea sensory analysis
• The importance of hygienic, odour-free work space for brewing
• How to set up sensory skills in your business
• Running a tea tasting session.

Angela is a one of our UK Tea Academy tutors. As a renowned tea expert, she also runs an independent consultancy service for businesses across the globe. With over 16 years experience, Angela has travelled and tasted her way around many of the world's tea estates and much of her career has been with speciality tea company Twinings, where she worked as a master tea buyer and blender. Angela writes about tea, and is frequently interviewed on international TV and radio.